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Bloody Tea Party


TitleBloody Tea Party
Original titleBLOODY TEA PARTY
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» JP¥ 880 @ DLsite


Alize is a totally ordinary girl who lives in London, England.

One day, she finds a mysterious "rift in space" in the middle of town and accidentally falls into it. It was midnight in the town she had fallen into. Though she recalls having seen somewhere like this, it's a bit different from what she remembers. The strange scenery makes her concerned.

There, Alize is confronted by a homocidal maniac wearing a disturbing rabbit mask called "Rabbit the Ripper". Having been saved just in time, a shocking truth was delivered to her.

This is a world in which monsters live.
A human that wanders into this world is called "Alice".
Rabbit the Ripper is a homocidal maniac who targets Alice.

Before she knew it, Alize was framed and falsely accused of a crime. She became wanted by the police and had a huge bounty on her head. Now that Rabbit the Ripper and the country's denizens were after Alize's life, she was able to hide away in the "hat shop" or the "grocery store".

Encountering unique monsters, being saved by them and gradually becoming closer to them. A strange feeling begins to sprout within Alize.

Can she return back to the world she came from? Or can't she?
...No, it's certain that she can't.
Because she fell in love with "that person".

A Victorian gothic horror story about falling in a sweet, yet dangerous love.

[Translation of the official website's story summary.]


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2016-07-07Bloody Tea Party - Trial
2016-07-2115+Bloody Tea Party - Download Edition
2016-09-1015+Bloody Tea Party - Package Edition
2016-11-1115+Bloody Tea Party - Android Edition

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