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Ta He Ta He Ta De Penghu Wan


Ta He Ta He Ta De Penghu Wan
AliasesBlue Blood Lagoon, 彼女と僕と彼女の澎湖湾-Blue Blood Lagoon-
Play timeVery long (113h from 1 votes)
DeveloperErotes Studio
PublishersErotes Studio & Weilai Shuwei


In 1949, The Chinese Civil War rages on.
To escape the war, students from Shandong led by their teachers began making their way to the islands of Penghu, a distant and unfamilar land our in the sea.

The hero of the story, Yin Hsiao-Feng, came from an insular and traditional family, so he has always kept his feelings tightly locked away.
He is now all alone after becoming separated from his family and joining the refugees fleeing the Civil War.

During the flight to safety however, Hsiao-Feng meet the two most important people in his life:

Teng Lin, a charming and innocent young girl who believes that the Civic War would soon end in peace, no matter who the winner is.
Sun Yi-Fang, a cheerful and forthright beauty, who still believes that the tide of war will soon be turned, and triumph will eventually arrive.

His everyday school life with the two girls gradually heals Hsiao-Feng’s wounded soul and a story of youthful romance unfolds between the three of them.

[From Steam Greenlight]


Chinese (traditional) (4)
2016-07-28Blue Blood Lagoon - Trial Edition
2016-10-07Blue Blood Lagoon - Trial Edition 2.0 (unofficial)
2017-05-1015+Ta he Ta he Ta de Penghu Wan - First Press Edition
2017-05-1015+Ta he Ta he Ta de Penghu Wan - Regular Edition
English (1)
2016-07-28Blue Blood Lagoon - Trial Edition

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Character summary

Yin, Hsiao-FengProtagonist
Sun, Yi-FangMain character
Chao, YenMain character
Teng LinMain character

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Blue Blood Lagoon - Trial Edition

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