Releases for A Foretold Affair

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A Foretold Affair - Demo  Freeware, doujin 
Non-standardNot voiced2016-07-16All ages1980x1020 resolution.

Updated on 08/15/2016 to include a longer script and finished art.
A Foretold Affair  Non-free, doujin 
Non-standardNot voiced2017-01-3013+1980x1020 resolution.
A Foretold Affair - Outfit Select DLC (patch) Non-free 
NA for patches2017-01-30All agesAdds a cosmetic only "underwear mode" option for character sprites.
A Foretold Affair  Non-free, doujin 
Non-standardPartially voiced2019-01-3013+1980x1020 resolution. Adds new CGs and partial voice acting.
A Foretold Affair  Non-free, doujin UnknownNot voicedTBA13+