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Credits[empty]Tristan Hallihan [Scenario] [Editing and Localization]

Blue Bird

Blue Bird

TitleBlue Bird
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperDeadline Softs
Publishers Deadline Softs
 Deadline Softs


Blue Bird is a Visual Novel following the lives of four youths. The protagonist, Karin, lost someone very dear to him in his childhood… Yet thanks to fate, he meets a young girl who will change his empty life and give it meaning.

Be a part of this love story and help lead Karin to a bright future!

[From Indiegogo campaign]


2016-07-23    Blue Bird - Demo  
2017-04-13    Blue Bird  
2016-07-23    Blue Bird - Demo  
2017-04-13    Blue Bird  


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