Last Escort 2 ~Shin'ya no Amai Ibara~

ラスト・エスコート2 ~深夜の甘い棘~

Last Escort 2 ~Shin'ya no Amai Ibara~
TitleLast Escort 2 ~Shin'ya no Amai Ibara~
Original titleラスト・エスコート2 ~深夜の甘い棘~
DeveloperVingt-et-un. Systems Corpor...
Publishers D3 Publisher
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Serika just works hard every day. Of course, she has no boyfriend. But one day, when she comes back home, she meets a man. His name is Reiji and he lives in the same apartment building. She takes him to her room and cooks a meal for him because he can't move due to hunger. Their slightly strange relationship starts then.
Several days later, she goes to a host club with her co-workers. And she meets Reiji there. He smiles and says,
"Welcome, this is your first time, right?"
She can't even say a word.
"Please cook a meal for me again...", he whispers.
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Andou Serika
Andou Serika安藤 芹香 A
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm, Weight: 48kg
Birthday3 December
Hair, Brown, Curly, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Garnet
Body, Young-adult
Role, Nameable, Office Lady


20 years old.
Hobby: Collecting Accessories
Job: Office Lady at a Publishing Company

Main characters

Amane Issei
Amane Issei天祢 一星 A
Aliases杜 信行, Mori Nobuyuki
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm, Weight: 65kg
Birthday10 February
Hair, Black, Curtained, Long, Parted in Middle, Ponytail, Sidehair
Eyes, Brown
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Belt, Dress Shoes, Necktie, Pocket Square, Shirt, Suit
Personality, Kind
Role, Host(ess)
Voiced byTai Yuuki


32 years old.
A host that would be a fitting manager for "Gorgeous".
He has a kind and calming personality.

Hiroshiヒロシ B
Aliases金居塚 洋, Kanaizuka Hiroshi
MeasurementsHeight: 176cm, Weight: 60kg
Birthday19 April
Hair, Brown, Curly, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Brown
Body, Young-adult
Voiced byTakatsuka Masaya


30 years old.

Kouki香希 O
Aliases神崎 蒼, Kanzaki Aoi
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm, Weight: 60kg
Birthday24 July
Hair, Black, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Black
Body, Young-adult
Personality, Selfish
Role, Host(ess)
Voiced byTanaka Kazunari


25 years old.
A rather selfish man whose manner and way of speaking are oppressive. Why is he a host?

Kurosu Masaya
Kurosu Masaya黒須 雅也 AB
Birthday14 January
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Black
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Lab Coat
Role, Medical Doctor
Voiced byHiyama Nobuyuki


22 years old.
<hidden by spoiler settings>His route is only playable if you have a save after beating Chihiro's route from the previous game.

Makotoマコト AB
Aliases城島 勇紀, Kijima Yuuki
MeasurementsHeight: 165cm, Weight: 54kg
Birthday24 December
Hair, Claret, Short, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Violet
Body, Short, Teen
Clothes, Necktie, Pocket Square, Shirt, Suit, Tie Pin, Trench Coat
Personality, Selfish
Role, Host(ess)
Voiced byNojima Kenji


18 years old.
A selfish and fickle host, the customers don't choose him, he chooses his customers.

Reiji玲司 B
Aliases新谷 玲司, Shintani Reiji
MeasurementsHeight: 180cm, Weight: 60kg
Birthday7 November
Hair, Blond, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Tall, Young-adult
Clothes, Suit
Personality, Food Lover
Role, Host(ess)
Voiced byShimono Hiro


20 years old.
He's always hungry, a bit of a strange host.

Ryou A
Aliases本庄 涼太, Honjou Ryouta
MeasurementsHeight: 172cm, Weight: 58kg
Birthday11 September
Hair, Brown, Short
Eyes, Black
Body, Young-adult
Personality, Energetic, Kind, Refined
Role, Host(ess)
Voiced byTerashima Takuma


20 years old.
A host who's always lively and kind.

Ryuuzaki Naoya
Ryuuzaki Naoya竜崎 直夜 O
Aliases野田 義成, Noda Yoshinari
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm, Weight: 63kg
Birthday2 August
Hair, Brown, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Green
Body, Young-adult
Personality, Ore-sama
Role, Host(ess)
Voiced byItou Kentarou


27 years old.
The number one host who has plenty of personality.