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Magicians of Delphine

TitleMagicians of Delphine


Magicians, though born human like any other, are likened to the dragons of the world: monstrously powerful in their gift, though extraordinarily few exist. It is only recently that a significant growth in persons of magical ability has been observed, though a majority of the world still disputes their existence.

It is during this time that war erupts between the Kingdom of Delphine and the Principality of Leveaux.

While other countries chose to arm themselves with legions of steel-plated warriors or ingenious weaponry, the King of Delphine-- an avid believer of magicians-- decides to arm the land with magicians, promising not only fortunes and small miracles to participants of the war but also persecution towards deserters of the kingdom's call to arms. It is under these circumstances that Aleo, a magician shielded from society, takes her first steps into the world.

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[No longer under active development.]


2014-07-0816+Magicians of Delphine - alpha

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