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Charming Monsters

Charming Monsters
StatusUnfinished, no ongoing development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperDrawOrDrop Studio
PublishersDrawOrDrop Studio


Noel has never had an easy or normal childhood. Since he was small, he's had two monsters coming out of his closet to scare him... or, it was so at first.
Turns out, monsters can be lonely too, and all the cheerful Sidney and the ever-serious Simon wanted was some company.

After years of an unusual but happy friendship though, Sidney started to see Noel in a different light, and that complicates things. The redhead monster can't take no for an answer. Sidney is insistent, Noel is unwilling, and Simon is, for some reason, set on not letting it happen.

Add to this romantic comedic plot the tragedy that befalls them when Sam, Noel's little sister, disappears in mysterious circumstances, and you've got the plot of Charming Monster.

[From Lemmasoft forums]


English (1)
2016-08-07Charming Monsters - Demo

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