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The story takes place in a fictional world of Demons and Angels. The two sides have been warring off and on for centuries. 50 years of uneasy peace has come to an abrupt halt after diplomatic talks end with an Act of War committed by the Angels.

You'll play as Alexandria, the daughter of the Demons' Head Elder. While she is struggling to find her path in life and fighting with her father seemingly every step of the way, she runs into Aiden on the battlefield, the son of the Duke of the Angels' capital city. Remembering him from a brief meeting as a child, Alex feels a connection to him that she can't really explain. After Aiden is taken prisoner by the Demons, Alex makes a drastic decision to save Aiden from her father's torture. She strikes a deal that would make him her personal servant.

Unsurprisingly, he does not take this well. As time passes, she'll encounter problems that will change her worldview and shape her destiny, all while growing closer to an enemy that she's supposed to despise.