Fukushuu Teikoku


TitleFukushuu Teikoku
Original title復讐帝国
AliasesRevenge Empire
Publishers Fetish


Interstellar war breaks out as planets are colonized. It’s an age of war among the stars. There’s the Empire and the Republic. The protagonist belongs to the Empire. He’s a soldier, a nobleman holding a rank somewhere around lieutenant. He’s a young instructor in charge of training new recruits, particularly the mental component of their training. Consequently he is adept at hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming among other things, so he has the ability to use words and gestures to make a target act as he pleases.

…However, one day, the unit lead by the protagonist is annihilated in battle. War in this period is fleet warfare, so many were killed in battle or missing in action. A court martial found him responsible and he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, and, in accordance with the law of the land, the protagonist’s family was also charged for his crimes. The protagonist is plunged into despair, but he’s offered a deal under the table––if he gets two major players in the Republic’s army to cooperate with the Empire, his conviction will be vacated. He agrees to the terms, despite his growing suspicion of the Empire, but the means of securing the enemies’ cooperation is by controlling them with pleasure.

[From 19.04s]