Aru Kanrinin no Koi


Aru Kanrinin no Koi
TitleAru Kanrinin no Koi
Original titleアル管理人の恋
DeveloperHase im Haus
Publishers Hase im Haus
 Hase im Haus


Jun Minase is suddenly in charge of Shirakaba House, a dormitory full of foreign exchange students after the former manager is unable to resume his duties.

How will all these foreign exchange students manage with their different cultures?

Will there ever be peaceful days for Jun?

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201115+  Aru Kanrinin no Koi (spring+summer)FreewareDoujinInternet download  
2012-02-1715+  Aru Kanrinin no Koi (autumn+winter)Non-freeDoujinInternet download  
201315+  Aru Kanrinin no Koi (between the seasons)FreewareDoujinInternet download  
2016-08-1615+  Dormitory Love Spring + Summer DemoFreewareDoujin800x600Internet download  
TBA15+  Dormitory Love Spring + Summer (patch)Freeware  

Character summary

Protagonist Minase Jun
Main character Felix Scheider
Main character Guillaume Dubois
Main character Joshua Raynolds
Main character Ling Wei
Main character Sasha Lebedev
Main character Sean Orwell

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