AneTra! ~Onee-chan to H na Training~


AneTra! ~Onee-chan to H na Training~
TitleAneTra! ~Onee-chan to H na Training~
Original titleあねトレっ!~お姉ちゃんとHなトレーニング~
AliasesI train with the older sister sexily !
DeveloperTyrell PICCOLO
Publishers Tyrell PICCOLO
OnaTra! ~Onaidoshi to H na Training~


Keisuke is a university student. He lives alone and enjoys his school life. One day, his cousin, Itsuki, suddenly comes to his apartment. "Let me stay here until I find a place to live." And he reluctantly begins to live with her. One day, he accidentally sees her naked body. But he has a secret that he only gets sexually excited by anime or game characters. She is surprised to hear that, and tells him, "I'll give you sex lessons then...."

[From Eroge Shop]

Main character

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