Fu'un to Kou'un to Koi Uranai no Tarot


Fu'un to Kou'un to Koi Uranai no Tarot
TitleFu'un to Kou'un to Koi Uranai no Tarot
Original title不運と幸運と恋占いのタロット
AliasesBadluck, Goodluck and Tarot of love fortune-telling
Publishers Campus
Same setting
Aki Uso -The Only Neat Thing To Do-


Ten years ago, a fortune teller warned Kouta that the month of June ten years later will be unluckiest month of his life. The only way he could avoid the misfortune would be to find a lover who would share her good luck with him. He did not wish to fall in love with a stranger just to escape bad luck, so he entered the fated month and was besieged by numerous misfortunes. His childhood friend Akane, who’s training to be a fortune teller, offered to be his lover since she’s not a stranger. Not even the tarot cards can predict where their complex relationship will go.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

The game is free; but is limited to all-ages version. To get the H-scenes, you need to purchase them. However the package versions included with the X-Rated memory card.