Euphoric Create

Euphoric Create
TitleEuphoric Create
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMugen Hishou
Publishers Mugen Hishou
Euphoric Create ~Stairs of Affection~


In the far future, a drug called DesireIn has created a society without communication between people. Because this drug allows people to live out their fantasies constantly, they do not form friendships with each other, and spend their days alone with their thoughts. Instead of marriage and birth, most people are born using advanced technologies, with giving sperm and ova to the state for this purpose being mandatory. Yayoi is a person much like the majority, dependent upon DesireIn and without relations, until she meets the vivacious Chika, who runs a society devoted trying to combat this state of affairs by recruiting people who then try to form relationships with each other. Yayoi falls in love with Chika, but will she be able to overcome her lack of communication abilities?

Main characters

Clothes, Hat
Personality, Kind, Ore, Outgoing, Relaxed


The novel's main "heroine".
Unusually for the setting, born into a household with both parents present.
In order to make society once again have social intercourse, she runs a community intended to help people build their communication skills.
Perhaps as such an aim would suggest, she has an affable and light personality.
Full of passion, she always refers to herself as "ore", and is always performing all sorts of strange actions such as staging plays on the streets to help attain the interest of others. Those who she thinks are promising, she adds to her group.
Perhaps on account of her charisma and androgynous character, she is very well-liked.

Personality, Flustered, Kind, Shy, Timid, Watashi
Role, Homosexual


A person born in a facility, without parents.
Like most others in the world, she is apathetic to others and soaks herself in delusions via DesireIn most days.
This ends when she sees Chika performing a drama on the streets, and falls in love at first sight.
Her personality due to her lack of experience with communication is one of extreme shyness. She also finds it difficult to lie to herself or others.
Still, her falling in love with Chika provokes a deep kindness and energy within her.