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Onii-chan to, Futago to, Imouto to.


TitleOnii-chan to, Futago to, Imouto to.
Original titleおにいちゃんと、ふたごと、妹と。
AliasesA Brother and two little sisters., Oniimo, Twins


As parents remarry and go overseas, older brother stays in charge of unprotected twin girls. He tried to date older girls, but failed at intercourse due to complexes. He has no special affection for loli characters, but there are just too many situations in communal living to fire a spark.

[From vndbreview]


2005-04-1818+Onii-chan to, Futago to, Imouto to. - Download Edition
200518+Onii-chan to, Futago to, Imouto to.

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MikiMain character
Voiced by Serizono Miya
YukiMain character
Voiced by Miru

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