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Angels with Scaly Wings - Demo  Freeware, doujin 
UnknownUnknown2015-10-25No longer available; obsoleted by r48383.
Angels with Scaly Wings - Demo 2  Freeware, doujin 
1920x1080Not voiced2016-03-03No longer available.
Angels with Scaly Wings  Non-free, doujin 
1920x1080Not voiced2017-01-31Available to Indiegogo backers on 2017-01-23.
Angels with Scaly Wings - Digital Deluxe Edition  Non-free, doujin 
1920x1080Not voiced2017-01-31Includes a soundtrack, bonus artwork, social media icons, and "Finding Dragonland - The Making of 'Angels with Scaly Wings.'"

Available to Indiegogo backers on 2017-01-23.
Lin Yi Tianshi (patch) Freeware 
NA for patches2019-01-23Simplified Chinese