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v20106.132017-11-17 at 06:59wakaranaiOnii-chan Daisuki!game native resolution is 1920x1080, replaced screenshots.
v20106.122017-08-05 at 20:35gratusOnii-chan Daisuki!we can clearly see boobs
v20106.112017-08-02 at 02:44styrOnii-chan Daisuki!Added more 1280x720 pics, still unsure about uploading native resolution pics due to their incredibly odd choice.
v20106.102017-08-02 at 02:34styrOnii-chan Daisuki!Removed pictures that had a mouse pointer in them. I'll take more pics later, but I think I was initially right: the "default" resolution the game
v20106.92017-08-02 at 02:29styrOnii-chan Daisuki!Well I was an idiot, forgive my earlier edit - somehow the game started at a weird resolution and after restarting it went back to the usual 1280x720
v20106.82017-08-02 at 02:07styrOnii-chan Daisuki!This also applies to the other 7 pics I added, but this game natively runs in a VERY weird resolution (1424x801) so I just wanted to clarify in a
v20106.72017-08-02 at 02:03styrOnii-chan Daisuki!reverted main image
v20106.62017-08-02 at 02:01styrOnii-chan Daisuki!added gameplay pics
v20106.52017-07-31 at 05:18wakaranaiOnii-chan Daisuki!credits
v20106.42017-07-19 at 08:41yuanshanshanOnii-chan Daisuki!..
v20106.32017-02-08 at 11:57707Onii-chan Daisuki!..
v20106.22017-02-07 at 13:00prey22Onii-chan Daisuki!image
v20106.12016-10-09 at 12:37707Onii-chan Daisuki!vn