Bakunyuu Police Chikashitsu no Kiseki ~Nikutai Kakusei~

爆乳ポリス 地下室の奇跡 ~肉体覚醒~

TitleBakunyuu Police Chikashitsu no Kiseki ~Nikutai Kakusei~
Original title爆乳ポリス 地下室の奇跡 ~肉体覚醒~
AliasesBursting Breasted Police
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperDrop Project
Publishers Drop Project
Shares characters
Bakunyuu Sennyuu Sousakan ~Honnou e n...
Mesuniku no Juuyoku Chitai


Japan in the near future
Every year, the crimes get more vicious.
The idea of safe Japan becomes a myth, and the police enforcement is no longer working.
Then, "Special fighting force Snake" made an appearance.
The group possesses the awesome force and power over the hard criminals. The heroine Kotone is one of the elite members in the group, with the title of S class.
Due to her great looks, the outstanding athletic ability and the mental strength, she was chosen to tackle another big project. However, perhaps she underestimated her enemy, and what happened next was...

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