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Tantei Seven


TitleTantei Seven
Original titleタンテイセブン
AliasesDetective Seven
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperDigital Cute
PublishersDigital Cute
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Bango doesn’t like his own name, which has caused him to be teased since he was a kid. However, he has friends by his side: childhood friend Kasumi, best friend Reiji, and Reiji's younger sister Mariya. Together they formed the ‘paranormal research clab’ (the complete idiot Kasumi misspelled the name) at Kototoi Academy in Mina-Asakusa.

However, without the adequate number of members, their official club status was denied and their club room was taken by rival clubs. Bango and Kasumi were eager to find other members to search for supernatural activities with them. They gathered many unique individuals and they came upon strange events.

It all started when they entered a house full of junk in search for a lost cat. The place was a den of psychic phenomena, a theme park of malicious spirits. Yet still they advanced into the deepest parts of the house in pursuit of the mysteries of the former tenants. At the same time, a series of bizarre incidents befell the area around the school. First, a commotion regarding a dangerous drug. Then, the death of a cat who had been skinned. Finally, there was even a murder.

There was a doll left behind at each crime scene. Who is the culprit? They must use the special powers which they have possessed since their childhood to solve the crimes.

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Linear Plot 3.0 Highly Animated Sprites 3.0 High Sexual Content 2.7 Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine 2.5 Mystery 2.5 Oppai Loli Heroine 2.5 Sexual Content 2.5 High School 2.5 Loli Heroine 2.5 BDSM 2.5 Male Protagonist 2.5 High School Student Protagonist 2.5 ADV 2.0 Vibrators 2.0 Protagonist with a Face 2.0 Anal Fingering 2.0 French Kiss 2.0 Bokukko Heroine 2.0 Twin Tail Heroine 2.0 Missionary Position 2.0 Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Hero 2.0 Pissing on Others 2.0 Pissing 2.0 Anal Sex 2.0 Straight Lolicon 2.0 Sixty-nine 2.0 Promiscuous Heroine 2.0 Twin Blowjob 2.0 Intercrural Sex 2.0 Multiple Penetration 2.0 Bukkake 2.0 Anilingus 2.0 Superpowers 2.0 Background Moans 2.0 Facesitting 2.0 Detective Work 2.0 Reverse Missionary 2.0 Twin Sisters as Heroines 2.0 Loli Support Character 2.0 Protagonist's Kouhai as a Heroine 2.0 Twin Buttjob 2.0 Perverted Protagonist 2.0 Energetic Heroine 2.0 Group Sex of Multiple Females and Males 2.0 Protagonist's Senpai as a Heroine 2.0 Twincest 2.0 Doggy Style 2.0 Runaway Heroine 2.0 Cowgirl 2.0 Bondage 2.0 Ahegao 2.0 School Nurse Support Character 2.0 Cunnilingus 2.0 Imouto-type Heroine 2.0 Armbinder 1.7 Double Dildos 1.5 Lesbian Sex 1.5 Double Penetration (Group Sex) 1.5 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 1.5 Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting 1.5 Kneepit Sex 1.3 Erotic Spanking 1.3 Food Gokkun 1.0 Male on Male Sex 1.0 Group Sex of One Female and Several Males 1.0 Female Domination 1.0 Defloration 1.0 Scat 1.0 Cross-dressingS 1.0 Balls Sucking 1.0 Inflation 1.0 Enema 1.0 Outdoor Sex 1.0 Anal Toys 1.0 Frot 1.0 Spoons 1.0 Clamps (BDSM) 1.0 Gokkun 1.0 Sexual Blindfold 1.0 Gang Bang 1.0 Shoejob 1.0 Blowjob Duck Face 1.0 Tribadism on Penis 1.0 Cum on Food 1.0 Cock and Ball Torture 1.0 Handcuffed Sex 1.0 Double Handjob 1.0 Crotch Rope Walk 1.0 Armpit Licking 1.0 Vomiting Fetish 1.0 Spreader Bar 1.0 Body Food 1.0 Sensual Biting 1.0 Mouth Gag 1.0 Pissing on Own Face 1.0 Hero with Glasses 0.3


2017-06-0518+Tantei Seven - Trial Edition
2017-06-3018+Tantei Seven - First Press Limited Edition
2017-06-3018+Tantei Seven - Deluxe Limited Edition
2017-06-3018+Tantei Seven - Version 1.6 (patch)
2017-10-0618+Tantei Seven - Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

ProtagonistHiba Bango
Voiced by Nishino MasatoPartially
Main characterAbe Mariya
Voiced by Himari
Main characterAbe Reiji
Voiced by Harada Tomotaka
Main characterEbiichi Shinja
Voiced by Misaki Momoko
Main characterEbiichi Shinju
Voiced by Yuika
Main characterKokuyou
Voiced by Ruhana Aka
Main characterTsuyunashi Kasumi
Voiced by Tezuka Ryouko
Main characterYokomizo Kusuko
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
Side characterKyouko X. Purosedan
Voiced by Kotatsu Miyako
Side characterOdoroki Aoumi
Side characterRei
Voiced by Kotatsu Miyako

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Tantei Seven - Trial Edition

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