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v20159.132018-06-07 at 09:54bondasTantei SevenEdit info.
v20159.122018-06-07 at 00:14bondasTantei SevenEdit info.
v20159.112018-06-07 at 00:10bondasTantei SevenEdit info.
v20159.102017-06-27 at 15:33707Tantei Seven..
v20159.92017-06-19 at 16:03traumatizerTantei Seven+2
v20159.82017-06-01 at 12:58traumatizerTantei Sevenstaff note
v20159.72017-04-19 at 12:09707Tantei Seven..
v20159.62017-04-08 at 06:12nikgTantei Sevenrest of the cast
v20159.52017-04-08 at 06:08nikgTantei Sevencast
v20159.42017-02-01 at 15:50707Tantei Sevendesc
v20159.32016-11-03 at 18:58707Tantei Seven..
v20159.22016-10-19 at 21:05707Tantei Sevenadded scenario writer
v20159.12016-10-19 at 20:54707Tantei Seven..