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Soukou Akki Muramasa


Soukou Akki Muramasa
TitleSoukou Akki Muramasa
Original title装甲悪鬼村正
AliasesFullMetal Daemon Muramasa, Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, FMD Muramasa, Armored Demon Muramasa
LengthVery long (> 50 hours)
Publishers Nitroplus
 Otome Dream
Shares characters
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Soukou Akki Muramasa: Janen Hen
Side story
Soukou Akki Muramasa: Shokuzai Hen


In the first half of 20th century, Rokuhara Shogunate rules Japan with an iron fist of robotic suits of armor called Tsurugi, while the West wants to turn Japan into another military base. A policeman called Kageaki Minato arrives into a city of Kamakura to solve various different cases involving Tsurugi users (or Mushas), and when all other means are proven useless, defeats them with a skillful use of his own Tsurugi, the bloody red Muramasa. But he doesn't do that out of justice. He only wants to atone for his past sins and to defeat the most powerful Musha, one known as the Silver Star.

“The devil I shall meet, the devil I shall cut. The saint I shall meet, the saint I shall cut.”

This is the phrase that Kageaki says when fusing with Muramasa, and this is the phrase that tells both his past and his future…

Sword Wielding Heroine 3.0 Sword Wielding Protagonist 3.0 Life and Death Drama 3.0 Homicide 3.0 Low Sexual Content 3.0 Vertically Oriented Text 2.9 Protagonist with Voice Acting 2.9 Antihero Protagonist 2.9 Infodumping 2.9 Sword Combat 2.9 Relationship Chart 2.8 Flashback 2.8 Short Sexual Scenes 2.8 War 2.8 Curse 2.8 Episodic Story 2.8 Philosophy 2.8 Politics 2.8 Male Protagonist 2.8 Corruption of Characters 2.7 Adult Protagonist 2.7 Redemption 2.7 Revenge 2.7 Combat Capable Friends 2.7 Depression 2.6 Death of Heroine 2.6 Mother Support Character 2.6 Daughter Support Character 2.4 Past Setting in a Fictional World 2.4 Descriptions of Violence 2.4 Protagonist with a Face 2.4 Ojousama Heroine 2.4 Non-heroine Only Unavoidable Rape 2.4 One True End 2.4 Death of Protagonist 2.3 Protagonist with Sexual Experience 2.3 Mecha 2.3 Apocalypse 2.3 Rape 2.2 Betrayal 2.2 No Sense of Direction Heroine 2.2 Conspiracy 2.2 Adult Heroine 2.2 Fathercon Heroine 2.2 Existential Crisis 2.2 Sadist Heroine 2.2 Military 2.2 Varying Ending Songs 2.2 20th Century 2.2 Sacrifice 2.2 Branching Plot 2.1 Madness 2.1 Shapeshifting 2.1 Non-human Heroine 2.1 Only Virgin Heroines 2.1 Police Officer Protagonist 2.1 Dark Skinned Characters 2.1 White Haired Heroine 2.1 Unlockable Choices 2.0 Unlockable Gallery 2.0 Jealousy 2.0 Dying Heroine 2.0 Unavoidable Rape 2.0 Superpowers 2.0 Unlockable Event 2.0 Non-blood-related Sister Heroine 2.0 Other Perspectives 2.0 Samurai Hero 2.0 Music Recollection 2.0 Leader Heroine 2.0 Heroine Based on Real Person 2.0 Multiple Route Mystery 2.0 Chekhov's Gun 2.0 Mecha Pilot Heroine 2.0 Politician Heroine 2.0 Puzzle Game 2.0 Multiple Opening Movies 2.0 Mind Control 2.0 Student Heroine 2.0 Gang Rape 2.0 Villainous Heroine 2.0 Orekko Heroine 2.0 Voice Replay 2.0 Archer Heroine 2.0 Brocon Heroine 2.0 Secret Identity 2.0 Blood-related Daughter Heroine 2.0 Hime Heroine 2.0 Dark Skinned Heroine 2.0 Multiple Songs 2.0 Unlockable Routes 2.0 Officer Heroine 2.0 Heroine with Shorts 1.9 Utsuge 1.8 Group Sex of One Female and Several Males 1.8 Blowjob 1.7 Game Over 1.6 Classic Tsundere Heroine 1.6 Handjob 1.6 Torture 1.6 Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character 1.5 Romance 1.5 Defloration 1.5 Hard Science Fiction 1.4 Donkan Protagonist 1.4 Dream 1.4 Incest 1.4 Doggy Style 1.2 Detective Work 1.1 Unlockable Bonus Content 1.0 Reverse Cowgirl 1.0 Anal Sex 1.0 100% Completion Bonus 1.0 Multiple Penetration 1.0 Divine Beings 1.0 Crossover 1.0 Rape by Proxy 1.0 Cowgirl 1.0 Cult 1.0 Sex in Front of an Audience 1.0 Outdoor Sex 1.0 Cannibalism 1.0 Footjob 1.0 Mad Scientist Support Character 1.0 Bukkake 1.0 Non-blood-related Mother/Son Incest 1.0 Resurrection 1.0 Multiple Protagonists 1.0 Clothing Damage 0.5 Comedy 0.5 Mindbreak 0.2


2009-05-0418+  Soukou Akki Muramasa - Trial EditionNot voicedStory: Some fully animated scenesEro: No animationsFreewareCommercial1024x576Internet download  
2009-08-2818+  Soukou Akki Muramasa - Trial Edition Voiced Ver.Fully voicedStory: Some fully animated scenesEro: No animationsFreewareCommercial1024x576Internet downloadImproved trial version with voices, more CGs, animations, and a promo movie.  
2009-09-2218+  Soukou Akki Muramasa - Trial Edition Ver. 2.00Fully voicedStory: Some fully animated scenesEro: No animationsFreewareCommercial1024x576Internet downloadTrial version with an additional chapter.  
2009-10-3018+  Soukou Akki Muramasa - Limited EditionFully voicedStory: Some fully animated scenesEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial1024x5761 DVD  
2009-11-2718+  Soukou Akki Muramasa - Regular EditionFully voicedStory: Some fully animated scenesEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial1024x5761 DVD  
2016-07-2918+  Soukou Akki Muramasa - Windows 10 Support Edition - Package EditionFully voicedNon-freeCommercial1024x5761 DVD  
2016-07-2918+  Soukou Akki Muramasa - Windows 10 Support Edition - Download EditionFully voicedNon-freeCommercial1024x576Internet download  
2012-03-1418+  Zhuangjia Egui Cunzheng (patch)FreewareInternet download  


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Character summary

Protagonist Minato Kageaki
Protagonist Nitta Yuuhi
Voiced by Aoi Kaito
Main character Ashikaga Chachamaru
Voiced by Kaneda Mahiru
Main character Ayane Ichijou
Voiced by Kaibara Elena
Main character Kikuchi Akitaka
Voiced by Matsuridai!
Main character Muramasa
Voiced by Sumoto Ayana
Main character Nagakura Sayo
Main character Ootori Kanae
Voiced by Yoshikawa Kana
Main character Sorimachi Ichizou
Voiced by Hikaru
Side character Ashikaga Moriuji
Voiced by Akiyama Itsuki
Side character Ashikaga Shirou Kuniuji
Voiced by Ogura Yui
Side character Bandit Leader
Voiced by Kimura Ayaka
Side character Charles Willow
Voiced by Akiyama Itsuki
Side character Clive Canon
Side character Fuki
Voiced by Kimura Ayaka
Side character Funa
Voiced by Hokuto Minami
Side character Fuuma Kotarou
Side character George Gargett
Voiced by Seji Haruyuki
Side character Imagawa Raichou
Voiced by Sugisaki Kazuya
Side character Inagi Tadayasu
Voiced by Takeda Izumo
Side character Kurusuno Konatsu
Voiced by Maki Izumi
Side character Minato Subaru
Voiced by Kanau
Side character Nagasaka Ukyou
Voiced by Honta Keigo
Side character Okabe Sakurako
Voiced by Maki Izumi
Side character Ootori Shishiku
Side character Ouji Misao
Voiced by Kawai Haruka
Side character Ouji Suguru
Voiced by J-Ichirou
Side character Suzukawa Ryoubu
Voiced by Aima Yuuta
Side character Wolfram von Sievers
Voiced by No☆boru
Side character Yagenta
Voiced by Maki Masato
Side character Yagyuu Jouansai
Voiced by Sorano Taiyou
Side character Yoshikiyo
Voiced by Kimura Ayaka
Side character Yusa Doushin
Voiced by Iguchi Den'emon

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