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Kanawanu Koi no Monogatari


TitleKanawanu Koi no Monogatari
Original title叶わぬ恋の物語


Masayuki Asano is working at his father's architect office. Ritsuko is Masayuki's little sister; she is a college student. One day, Ritsuko doesn't come home. At first, Masayuki is angry, but he starts to worry about her because he hasn't heard from her for two days. Masayuki goes looking for his little sister. When he finally finds her, something isn't right. Ritsuko has lost her memory. Masayuki used to be her loving brother; now, he's just a stranger to her. They still live under the same roof, but what happened to Ritsuko? Will she get her memory back? Through many hardships, Masayuki and Ritsuko try to find the truth. What will their future hold ? This is a zapping style AVG.

If you don't proceed with both his and her stories equally, you'll come up against a dead-end, or even experience a bad ending. You'll be able to remove the dead-end by proceeding with the other story. This is a bit different than other AVG games. Lots of girls will appear: 'Sumie,' Masayuki's girlfriend, 'Kyoko,' Masayuki's co-worker, 'Mari,' Ritsuko's best friend, 'Jun,' Masayuki's best friend, 'Kaori,' a high school girl, and many others. As you try to help Ritsuko regain her memory, you'll get to play with lots of babes!

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Main characters

Matsuda Kyouko松田 京子
Voiced byYusa Akira
Sakai Sumie坂井 澄枝
HairBrown, Long
RoleEmployee, Girlfriend
Voiced byKisaragi Aoi


Girlfriend of Masayuki who works in a flower shop. Plans to own her own store in the future.

Yoshino Mari吉野 麻里
HairBlond, Twin Tails
Voiced byChatani Yasura


Best friend of Ritsuko