My Sweet Daruma

My Sweet Daruma
TitleMy Sweet Daruma
Publishers Daruma-san


When Susanne Iris moves away from her childhood home, she leaves behind her first love; an unrequited crush on her female best friend! She vows to never again let her heart get broken: "Next time I fall in love with a girl, I won't let her get away without telling her I love her!"

Play from Susanne's point of view as she navigates difficult choices about romance and her life. The player will make choices that will teach Susanne the meaning behind queer romances, shyness, anxiety, bullying, ADHD, family, and the words, "I love you."



2016-10-30   My Sweet Daruma: Penny's DemoFreewareDoujinInternet download  
TBA   My Sweet DarumaFreewareDoujinInternet download  

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