Relation graph for Starry☆Sky ~in Winter~

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Starry☆Sky ~After Winter~ 2012-04-27 ja Starry☆Sky ~in Winter~ 2009-12-25 es/ja/zh FandiscOriginal gameStarry☆Sky ~in Spring~ 2009-03-27 en/es/ja/ru/zh Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~ 2010-12-10 en/ja/zh FandiscOriginal gameStarry☆Sky ~in Summer~ 2009-06-26 es/ja/zh Same seriesStarry☆Sky ~After Summer~ 2011-04-01 ja/zh FandiscOriginal gameStarry☆Sky ~in Autumn~ 2009-09-25 es/ja/ru/zh Same seriesStarry☆Sky ~After Autumn~ 2011-08-05 es/ja/zh Same seriesFandiscOriginal game