Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody


TitleOmoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody
Original title想いを捧げる乙女のメロディー
Aliases奉献思念少女的旋律, Otomelo, 乙メロ
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Moshi Youxi Zhongwenhua Xingqu Xiaozu
Shares characters
Shiny Sisters
Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody ~Afur...
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Misaki is an aspiring pianist studying abroad in Germany, with the dream of someday playing the piano that his late father had built. One day, he received a call from his older sister Shiori who was the music teacher at Lilie Girls’ School. She told him that the lone piano that was entrusted to the school would be donated to the museum at the end of the year and asked him if he would take over as the music teacher while she goes on maternity leave. Presented with the opportunity to fulfill his dream, he decided to accept the position and returned to Japan.

When he arrived at the school, he discovered that only students at the school have the chance of playing the piano, and only if they are selected to perform on it during the school festival. Thus, he must attend as a student while serving as a teacher. Of course, that means that he must dress as a girl. While he was afraid of the consequences if his secret got out, his desire to take advantage of this final chance made for an easy decision. And so begins his new life as a cross-dressing teacher and student.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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