MxH Beat

MxH Beat
TitleMxH Beat
AliasesMonster Love
DeveloperKrispy Cat
PublishersKrispy Cat


Karen, a recent high-school graduate, moves in with a family friend over summer...and find that she's moved into a neighborhood with some pretty cute monster-people. There's Noel, the tentacle-slime who works at the bed and breakfast you're staying in; William, the fun guy with animal features; Ellie, the cyclops barista who gives cute people freebies; and Trevor, a shy, anxious skeleton who loves the stars.

Befriend your neighbors, find self-confidence and your way in life, and even fall in love - both with your new home and with your desired.



2016-07-29MxH Beat - Demo
2016-12-31MxH Beat - Demo V2
2017-08-20MxH Beat - Demo V3
TBA18+MxH Beat


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