Edit history of Play! Petit! Ninshin

v20366.82018-08-28 at 11:04traumatizerPlay! Petit! Ninshinfix
v20366.72017-09-27 at 12:17beliarPlay! Petit! NinshinReverted to revision v20366.4 The screens should be actual screenshots and not just CGs, i.e. they should also include text. While we allow a few CGs
v20366.62017-09-27 at 11:20allamsctPlay! Petit! Ninshinalmost forgot to check that
v20366.52017-09-27 at 11:20allamsctPlay! Petit! Ninshinsome screenshots all NSFW
v20366.42017-07-16 at 09:54prey22Play! Petit! Ninshin+1
v20366.32017-07-16 at 09:48prey22Play! Petit! Ninshincast
v20366.22016-11-28 at 00:28eacilPlay! Petit! Ninshinpackage cover, title fixed (no final !)
v20366.12016-11-28 at 00:20eacilPlay! Petit! Ninshin!vn