Megarizoku ~Ingoku ni Kegareru Otome-tachi~

牝狩賊 ~淫獄に穢れる乙女たち~

TitleMegarizoku ~Ingoku ni Kegareru Otome-tachi~
Original title牝狩賊 ~淫獄に穢れる乙女たち~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperBlack Currant
Publishers Black Currant


The impenetrable country of Rugalant.

Women governed the country, ruled by its princess, the highest of its power. Men were of a lower class, and treated with less dignity.

There is one person, who plots to overthrow the country. And deep inside him, he will make sure the women bow down to man and...

[Roughly translated from Getchu]


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Eddie Halesエディ=ヘールズ 
Body, Olive, Teen
Role, Criminal
Engages in, Planning, Rape, Revenge


Once led a great bandit gang, but was ultimately wiped out by the knights of Rugalant. Seeking revenge, he infiltrates the country and plans to cause chaos from the inside. He sought by exploiting the princess' naive nature to accomplish his goal...

Main characters

Side character

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Gil Quilterギル=クィルター 
Subject of, Nymphomania


Protagonist's partner in crime. A man with an insatiable lust for women.