Gakuen Hyouryuu Senki Dai 2 Wa

学園漂流戦記 第2話

Gakuen Hyouryuu Senki Dai 2 Wa
TitleGakuen Hyouryuu Senki Dai 2 Wa
Original title学園漂流戦記 第2話
DeveloperAlice Soft
Publishers Alice Soft
Gakuen Hyouryuu Senki


Hero arrives at a mysterious island with two girls. They start exploring the island.

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2000-04-1318+  Alice CD Ver 2.00Non-freeCommercial1 CDPackaged with Persiom -Yakusoku no Tsudou Basho-  
2000-07-0618+  Alice CD Ver 2.01Non-freeCommercial1 CDPackaged with See in Ao  
2001-04-1918+  Alice CD Ver 2.02Non-freeCommercial1 CDPackaged with Yoru Ga Kuru! -Square of the Moon-  
2001-07-2618+  Alice CD Ver 2.50Non-freeCommercial1 CDPackaged with Only You -Re Cross-  


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