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v20416.192017-12-03 at 03:19yuanshanshanGolden Hour..
v20416.182017-10-02 at 10:31styrGolden Houradded 2 screenshots
v20416.172017-09-18 at 19:44ireGolden Hourhscene screenshot
v20416.162017-08-13 at 18:58doumanGolden HourAdd some screens
v20416.152017-08-03 at 12:31ernovaceGolden HourAdded length
v20416.142017-07-30 at 07:14yuanshanshanGolden Hour。。
v20416.132017-07-19 at 15:49707Golden HourReverted to revision v20416.11 "Preferably the cover of the CD/DVD/package" that one is the celebration of game's master up
v20416.122017-07-19 at 14:02emotionalGolden HourBetter pic.
v20416.112017-06-11 at 22:10707Golden Hour..
v20416.102017-06-01 at 04:474396Golden Hourdesc
v20416.92017-06-01 at 04:394396Golden Hourdesc
v20416.82017-03-23 at 19:48traumatizerGolden Hourstaff
v20416.72017-03-19 at 07:28707Golden Hoursong
v20416.62017-01-30 at 12:30707Golden Hourvocal
v20416.52017-01-28 at 23:22nikgGolden Hoursubheroine cast
v20416.42017-01-23 at 18:33z411Golden HourUpdating cast
v20416.32017-01-15 at 16:38weilaiGolden Hour..
v20416.22016-12-10 at 15:36beliarGolden Hourrelation
v20416.12016-12-06 at 18:57kaysteGolden HourNew VN