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Amayui Castle Meister


TitleAmayui Castle Meister
Original title天結いキャッスルマイスター
LengthVery long (> 50 hours)
PublishersEushully & Enterbrain!
Visual Novel Reader's
Xinyuanwu Hanhuazu
Amayui Labyrinth Meister
Same series
Kamidori Alchemy Meister
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata, VNStat
Shops» JP¥ 10780 @ DLsite (jpn)
» JP¥ 3278 @ DLsite (jpn) (patch)


“Magesmiths” are wizards that specialize in labyrinth construction and restoration. Avaro, one of them, sought to one day run his own workshop. To realize this dream, he accepted a job in Influse Kingdom of investigating some ruins. Unfortunately, he got caught in a cave-in and ended up lost. As he wandered, he came across a girl, sleeping inside a magic stone, Fia.

After waking up, Fia told him that she has no memory of herself; however, she knows that she is unmistakably a Goddess. Continuing, she tells Avaro that she could, if she wanted to, move the entirety of the ruins with her Godly powers, and she points out that she has to, no matter what, make it to the closed-off holy ground of the Kingdom. The "Mist Corridor of the Sacred Sound."

Fia, who has said nothing but what could only be nonsense so far, invites Avaro to join her on her journey, saying that he can use these ruins as his workshop however he likes if he does. Although doubtful, Avaro accepts her conditions and becomes the apostle of the self-proclaimed Goddess, and while using the moving ruins as his atelier, they head north.

Before long, rumors of the ‘Gualacuna Fortress’ are spread across the country, and while fighting anyone who comes after the fortress, thinking that it has valuables or is a threat, Avaro searches for the truth related to the Goddess’ memories.

Along with the Goddess of Marriage, “The Story That Weaves Bonds” marks the beginning..

[From negaraizu's blog]

New Game Plus 3.0 Missionary Position 3.0 SRPG 3.0 White Haired Heroine 3.0 Coodere Heroine 3.0 Elf Protagonist 3.0 Central Heroine 3.0 Lots of Event CGs 2.5 Catgirl Heroine 2.5 Kemonomimi Heroine 2.5 Odyssey 2.5 Deredere Heroine 2.0 Religious Organization 2.0 Shy Heroine 2.0 Angel Heroine 2.0 Princess Heroine 2.0 Map Movement 2.0 Combat Capable Friends 2.0 Sex Under the Necessity 2.0 Deities 2.0 Spoons 2.0 RPG 2.0 Onna Bugeisha Heroine 2.0 Goddess Heroine 2.0 Male Protagonist 2.0 Mage Heroine 2.0 Multiple Endings 2.0 Amnesia 2.0 Loli Heroine 2.0 Mentor Support Character 2.0 Late Branching Plot 2.0 Cowgirl 2.0 Sex in Water 2.0 Standing Sex 2.0 Sitting Sex 2.0 Sexual Content 2.0 Piledriver 2.0 Kissing Scene 2.0 Highly Animated Sprites 2.0 Background Moans 2.0 Quickie Fix Position 2.0 Polyamory 2.0 Unlockable Event 2.0 Elemental Beings 2.0 Threesome 2.0 Braless Heroine 2.0 Single Boobjob 2.0 Single Footjob 2.0 Single Handjob 2.0 Single Blowjob 2.0 Vaginal Masturbation 2.0 Vaginal Fingering 2.0 Straight Lolicon 2.0 Heroine with Big Breasts 2.0 Undead HeroineS 2.0 Heroine with Gothic Look 2.0 Curse 2.0 Dragon Heroine 2.0 Sword Wielding Heroine 2.0 Alchemy 2.0 Cupid Heroine 2.0 Cook Heroine 2.0 Energetic Heroine 2.0 Proactive Protagonist 2.0 Defloration 2.0 More Than Seven Heroines 2.0 Orphan Heroine 2.0 Orphan Protagonist 2.0 Royal ProtagonistS 2.0 Game Over 2.0 Religious Heroine 2.0 Queen Heroine 2.0 Built-in Encyclopedia 2.0 Voyeurism 2.0 Doggy Style 2.0 Protagonist's Girlfriend as a HeroineS 2.0 Heroine with a Fang 2.0 Outdoor Sex 2.0 Politics 1.5 Naked Sprites 1.5 IntrigueS 1.5 No Common Sense Heroine 1.0 Heroine with Psychological Problems 1.0 Tomboy Heroine 1.0 Sixty-nine 1.0 Sexual Fantasizing 1.0 Female Protagonist for a Short Time 1.0 Assassin Heroine 1.0 Changeable Clothes 1.0 Grandfather Support CharacterS 1.0 Adult Breast Feeding 1.0 Oppai Loli Heroine 1.0 Madness 1.0 Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting 1.0 Hairjob 1.0 Onsen 1.0 Tribadism on Penis 1.0 War 1.0 Drastic Character Development 1.0 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 1.0 Angels 1.0


2017-04-1418+Amayui Castle Meister - Trial Edition
2017-05-2618+Amayui Castle Meister - Package Edition
2017-05-2618+Amayui Castle Meister - Download Edition
2017-08-1018+Amayui Castle Meister - Guarakuuna Jousai Expansion Disc - Package Edition (patch)
2017-08-1018+Amayui Castle Meister - Guarakuuna Jousai Expansion Pack - Download Edition (patch)
2017-11-0218+BugBug 2017 12: 25th Anniversary Append (patch)
2017-12-1518+Amayui Castle Meister Perfect Guidebook Append Disk (patch)
2017-04-2818+Tian Jie Shen Yuan - Chinese Trial Edition (unofficial)
2019-06-1118+Amayui Castle Meister (unofficial patch)
2017-05-1918+Nebesnyj Pravitel' Kreposti - Demo (unofficial patch)
2020-02-0318+Amayui Castle Meister (unofficial patch)
2017-06-2518+Amayui Castle Meister - Interface Patch (unofficial patch)
2018-05-17Amayui Castle Meister Dialog Translation (unofficial patch)


Full character list

Character summary

Voiced by Ii Kinniku
DiethelmMain character
Voiced by No☆boru
FiaMain character
Voiced by Sawasawa Sawa
IolMain character
Voiced by Aoume Yuzuru
KatlitMain character
Voiced by Kinoshita Yaya
Kisnil KagriMain character
Lishenntser LaurosMain character
Voiced by Ai Haruka
MichejuMain character
Voiced by Hotaru
MikschanaMain character
Voiced by Hanazono Mei
Roselyne FranMain character
Voiced by Sakaki Kaname
Vaclav GaidarMain character
CarmelgSide character
CoudvansSide character
Voiced by Sakuma Takumi
Gilsh LoosSide character
Voiced by Hoshino Kazuma
Karin'yuikiSide character
Voiced by Akino Hana
Ranrin'yuikiSide character
Voiced by Tsukino Kiiro
Ruin'yuikiSide character
Yourin'yuikiSide character
Voiced by Jack Raiya

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Amayui Castle Meister - Package Edition

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