Edit history of Alive

v2042.212018-06-19 at 09:44wakaranaiAliveVA
v2042.202017-10-04 at 04:12xelivousAliveadd some screenshots there weren't any good yuriko lines that weren't spoilers so she gets the h-scene slot i guess!!
v2042.192017-10-02 at 08:32multiAliveReverse relation update caused by revision v2356.23
v2042.182017-10-02 at 08:11xelivousAlivethere's no ED or credits anywhere in the non-renewal version so i'm filling in staff based on the ED of the renewal version.
v2042.172017-09-28 at 23:14xelivousAliveadd the cover for the renewal version, since there's really no reason to ever read the non-renewal ((and it looks nicer))
v2042.162015-02-02 at 01:12caio000AliveAdd
v2042.152014-12-04 at 11:33slv76AliveAlias
v2042.142014-08-16 at 02:41caio000AliveIt is not a true sequel. Are different stories. Just because a character of Milkway is daughter of a character of this VN not to say it's a sequel.
v2042.132014-08-16 at 01:20tyciolAliveA girl in Alive gets pregnant, gives birth to a character in Milkyway, that's a clear sequel relationship.
v2042.122014-08-08 at 19:22caio000Aliveare different stories
v2042.112014-08-04 at 23:23tyciolAliveLilith from Rebirth is in Alive Renewal
v2042.102014-08-04 at 09:43tyciolAlivefound yuzuki in this
v2042.92014-08-04 at 09:21multiAliveReverse relation update caused by revision v2356.5
v2042.82014-08-02 at 03:37caio000AliveFix
v2042.72014-08-02 at 03:30caio000AliveAdd
v2042.62014-08-02 at 03:30caio000AliveAdd
v2042.52014-08-02 at 03:29caio000AliveAdd
v2042.42014-08-02 at 03:28caio000AliveAdd
v2042.32014-08-02 at 03:27caio000AliveAdd
v2042.22014-08-01 at 04:12tyciolAliveMayu from Milkyway is the daughter of Kuon and Youji from this game.
v2042.12009-06-17 at 12:08eyelessAliveadded vn