Monster Musume HYAKURAN Vol.1

モンスター娘百覧 Vol.1

TitleMonster Musume HYAKURAN Vol.1
Original titleモンスター娘百覧 Vol.1
DeveloperTorotoro Resistance
Publishers Torotoro Resistance


Adapted from the web novel series,
Monster Musume HYAKURAN Vol.1 is now a vivid
yokai-lady reverse r*pe fantasy ADV game!

Every scene's a nonhuman girl-dominating-guy!
There's never a time when the protagonist's in control.

This ADV includes 33 stories from the series!
That's 33 stories of capture and devouring by "youjo",
or enchantresses, spectres, vixens, vamps...
call them what you will, the diversity is sublime.

Experience the helpless thrill of their dominion;
stories of being a living slave, a toy for carnivorous deviant women,
supernatural and mythical love, as "you" cum at the brink of death---

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