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v20471.312018-04-03 at 21:32soyelmatiSuisou Ginka no IstoriaAdded seiyuu for Masashi
v20471.302018-04-03 at 21:15soyelmatiSuisou Ginka no IstoriaAdded ss
v20471.292017-06-27 at 05:36nutellafanSuisou Ginka no IstoriaAdded staff
v20471.282017-04-12 at 14:12weilaiSuisou Ginka no Istoria..
v20471.272017-04-09 at 01:39weilaiSuisou Ginka no Istoria..
v20471.262017-03-30 at 06:37z411Suisou Ginka no IstoriaAdding Sakurani's role
v20471.252017-03-27 at 12:17vgcheckerSuisou Ginka no Istoriasc
v20471.242017-03-25 at 19:37707Suisou Ginka no Istoriacopied the rule that literally put above the upload section - Screenshots have to be in the native resolution of the game, - Remove any window
v20471.232017-03-25 at 18:47februarySuisou Ginka no Istoriaadd ss
v20471.222017-03-10 at 18:13yumemi-kunSuisou Ginka no Istoriascreen
v20471.212017-03-10 at 15:36yumemi-kunSuisou Ginka no Istoria+1 staff
v20471.202017-03-10 at 15:25yumemi-kunSuisou Ginka no Istoriacover
v20471.192017-03-10 at 15:00707Suisou Ginka no Istoriastaff
v20471.182017-03-05 at 16:59yumemi-kunSuisou Ginka no Istoria+1
v20471.172017-03-05 at 15:15yumemi-kunSuisou Ginka no Istoriacast
v20471.162017-03-01 at 07:49707Suisou Ginka no Istoriasource
v20471.152017-03-01 at 07:19llackofdreamSuisou Ginka no Istoriaadd description
v20471.142017-02-27 at 18:18vempeleSuisou Ginka no Istoriacv +2
v20471.132017-02-23 at 16:25707Suisou Ginka no IstoriaReverted to revision v20471.11 do you have evidence that it reads "l"?
v20471.122017-02-23 at 12:37nutellafanSuisou Ginka no IstoriaCorrected romanisation of "アズライトの棺".
v20471.112017-02-16 at 04:32707Suisou Ginka no Istoriasong
v20471.102017-02-15 at 12:06feirasanSuisou Ginka no Istoriacv.. +1
v20471.92017-01-23 at 03:14feildpaintSuisou Ginka no IstoriaFrom the website
v20471.82017-01-05 at 13:30alessandroSuisou Ginka no Istoriaseiyu
v20471.72016-12-22 at 13:41beliarSuisou Ginka no IstoriaBetter no description than such illegible gibberish
v20471.62016-12-22 at 13:23ahan94Suisou Ginka no Istoriafix link
v20471.52016-12-22 at 13:16ahan94Suisou Ginka no Istoria....
v20471.42016-12-22 at 13:11ahan94Suisou Ginka no Istoriaadd Description, you can remove this Description if it really confusing.
v20471.32016-12-17 at 06:40varioSuisou Ginka no Istoriaimage
v20471.22016-12-17 at 06:40varioSuisou Ginka no Istoriacomposer
v20471.12016-12-16 at 18:22707Suisou Ginka no Istoria..