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Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Curtain Call~


Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Curtain Call~
Aliasesマーメイドの季節 ~ファンディスク~, Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Fandisc~
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperGame Village
PublishersGame Village
Original game

Mermaid no Kisetsu


Curtain Call is a fan disc for the Mermaid no Kisetsu romance adventure visual novel. This fan disc includes many sub-scenarios as well as a prelude scenario that tells the story before the actual game happening, one week earlier to the events of the main game. In addition this game includes several voice dramas, a DJ mode with the main characters on air radio, a conversation mode where you can communicate with one of the four heroines, and a quiz mode with 900 questions related to the game in total. There is also a lot of bonus content including illustrations from various CG artists that worked on the game, CG modes showing event scenes from the main game, a bonus movie and scrollable artwork.

[from MobyGames]


Japanese (3)
2002-08-0112+Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Curtain Call~
2002-08-02AllMermaid no Kisetsu ~Complete Package~
2002-08-0212+Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Curtain Call~


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              Character summary

              Oosawa NatsunaMain character
              Voiced by Nasu Megumi
              Musashino HinataMain character
              Katakura YuzukiMain character
              Voiced by Orikasa Fumiko
              Wakaba KotonoMain character
              Voiced by Nakagawa Akiko

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