DSKBJCS ~Do Sukebe Juicies ♥~

DSKBJCS ~どすけべじゅ~し~ず♥~

TitleDSKBJCS ~Do Sukebe Juicies ♥~
Original titleDSKBJCS ~どすけべじゅ~し~ず♥~
AliasesDSKBJCS Juicy Sluts!
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperOrcsoft Team Goblin
Publishers Orcsoft Team Goblin


On this blazing hot summer, enough to melt the asphalt,
those three slutty gals are back once more!

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city,
you've come to live in and draw erotic manga in
the middle of nowhere countryside and...

During the summer and winter breaks, your 3 nieces
come over to load their homework on you and 'play'!
...and play they do indeed, with your c*ck, that is!

Mountains, rivers, surrounded by the great outdoors,
three gal sisters, both tanned and white, will enjoy
some no strings attached freedom time with your d*ck.

Indulge in their lewdly perverted and juicy flesh,
and in turn, let them indulge in your erect meaty rod,
the ultimate summer of lechery awaits you!

--- Presenting a super salacious f*ckety f*ck bam wang
summer holiday with three nieces that love you(r c*ck)!
--- Covered in sweat, cover in juice, covered in cream,
a f*ckfest holiday, from morning to night and morning again!!!!!!!

[From DLsite English]

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