Neko Club

Neko Club
TitleNeko Club
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperDEVGRU-P & Neat Studios
Publishers DEVGRU-P


It's been 25 years since the nekos were freed, but things are no better now than they were years ago. Most live in slums and some resort back to selling their bodies or doing domestic work. Now with rumors of a conspiracy arising to send them back to slavery, a charismatic, charming, influential, likable, intelligent, and compassionate man is tasked and given the power to help hide the Nekos that poses as students in his school and help close the racial divide in society. Unfortunately got it instead...


TBA  Neko Club - Download EditionNon-freeCommercialInternet download
TBA  Neko Club - Package EditionNon-freeCommercial1 DVDAvailable to those who pledged 45 USD or more on the Kickstarter campaign.

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