Sakura no Ki Shita de


Sakura no Ki Shita de
TitleSakura no Ki Shita de
Original title桜の木下で
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Main character loves to watch Hanami - Sakura petals fall - with his mother every year. But his mother dies, and he sits under sakura tree alone in grief.
A girl approaches him asking what he was doing. From that encounter protagonist's mind started to heal.
Ten years have passed. He and that girl Suzuna attend the same class. He receives a letter from Suzuna telling "I want to love". He's puzzled by the contents and former sadness returns to him. It's time for new memories to be forged under a sakura tree.

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2002-03-0818+  Sakura no Ki Shita deFully voicedNon-freeCommercial640x4802 CDs 2 


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  Sakura no Ki Shita de

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