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v206.192017-04-11 at 05:04jazz957Sakura no Kisetsustaff
v206.182016-07-21 at 23:13jazz957Sakura no Kisetsustaff
v206.172015-08-23 at 02:02jazz957Sakura no KisetsuAlias
v206.162015-08-23 at 02:02jazz957Sakura no KisetsuAlias
v206.152015-05-23 at 18:12jazz957Sakura no KisetsuComposer
v206.142013-01-09 at 22:03klunkSakura no KisetsuThere's cameo of a character from Meisou Toshi.
v206.132013-01-05 at 22:36klunkSakura no Kisetsurollback
v206.122013-01-05 at 22:35klunkSakura no KisetsuThere's a cameo of character from Meisou Toshi.
v206.112013-01-05 at 22:33multiSakura no KisetsuReverse relation update caused by revision v843.7
v206.102013-01-05 at 22:32klunkSakura no KisetsuThere's only a cameo of character from Meisou Toshi.
v206.92010-09-24 at 16:48beliarSakura no KisetsuAdded screens. It's implied that RC and SOTS are set in the same universe as they have character cameos in-between and share the same places.
v206.82009-05-30 at 07:14eyelessSakura no Kisetsuchanged title to romaji
v206.72008-10-22 at 14:07maouSeason of the SakuraAdded original title
v206.62008-06-22 at 13:03echomateriaSeason of the Sakura
v206.52008-04-04 at 15:18echomateriaSeason of the Sakura
v206.42008-03-12 at 08:40echomateriaSeason of the Sakura
v206.32008-03-08 at 18:14echomateriaSeason of the Sakura
v206.22008-03-08 at 18:13echomateriaSeason of the Sakura
v206.12008-03-08 at 18:08echomateriaSeason of the Sakura