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Itazura Katei Kyoushi ~Misshitsu no Waisetsu Shidou~

いたずら家庭教師 ~密室の猥褻指導~

TitleItazura Katei Kyoushi ~Misshitsu no Waisetsu Shidou~
Original titleいたずら家庭教師 ~密室の猥褻指導~
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Yasuko Sakamoto is studying to to become a teacher. As a part-time job he is a tutor for Yuki, the eldest daughter of a nobleman. She is however rebellious and he is finding that he is not as good at teaching as he once though.

One day a envelope arrives in the mail. There is nothing in it but a DVD. When he puts the video he sees a familiar room. It was Yuki's room.