Gensou no Artemis


Gensou no Artemis
TitleGensou no Artemis
Original title幻想のアルテミス
AliasesArtemis of Illusion, Actress School Mystery Adventure
Publishers Shoeisha
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The game takes place in Ikoma Aku Torres Actress School where different girls go to grow their perfomance abilities, and one night when a performing is taking place the owner of the school jump off a roof to the death. The police think that is just a suicide, but the motive is still a mystery, so the people on charge of the school decide to hire a private detective (Kiyouiti Kusakabe) to make an investigation. So when they hire him they decide that he enters the school as a new instructor in the academy. That's when the game begins.

Gensou no Altemis - Actress School Mystery Adventure is a first person perspective adventure game in which the player takes the role of a detective that has to investigate a murder in an actress school, the game at the beginning let the player choose between 5 different girls to help him in his investigation, each of them got a different story and the game will go in a different way depending of that choice, and also the ending.

The main part of the game is to solve the case but during the investigation the player will also talk to different people and girls and there is a chance of a possible romance with any of them, so the game is also a dating simulation.

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Main characters

Hatsuse Kozue
Hatsuse Kozue泊瀬 こずえ 
Voiced byShinohara Emi
Himejima Moe
Himejima Moe姫島 萌 
Voiced byNishihara Kumiko
Ikoma Ryouko
Ikoma Ryouko生駒 良子 
Voiced byOotani Ikue
Kunisu Mikoto
Kunisu Mikoto国栖 みこと 
Voiced byKawasumi Ayako

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Mikahara Sarasa三香原 さらさ 
Voiced byYuzuki Ryouka