Edit history of Yurinate!

v20637.102019-05-04 at 09:34shinnewYurinate!"One line for each alias."
v20637.92017-11-27 at 01:12nofear3838Yurinate!Added EN screenshots
v20637.82017-05-19 at 11:44nofear3838Yurinate!Added VA
v20637.72017-02-08 at 21:16nofear3838Yurinate!added source for descrpition
v20637.62017-02-06 at 11:09nofear3838Yurinate!added VA
v20637.52017-02-05 at 23:58nofear3838Yurinate!Added screenshots, updated cast and added description
v20637.42017-02-05 at 01:28checkerpeckYurinate!Title should be Yuinate! It's in the game page for the 拍手 option and in the game page url.
v20637.32017-01-23 at 03:27z411-mainYurineito!Adding main staff
v20637.22017-01-23 at 03:18z411-mainYurineito!I guess image is NSFW
v20637.12017-01-23 at 03:18z411-mainYurineito!Adding new VN