14 -one & four or the other meaning-

14 -one & four or the other meaning-
Title14 -one & four or the other meaning-
Aliases14 one&four(ワン&フォー)
DeveloperStudio Trips
Publishers Studio Trips


One day main character wakes up with a stone in his hand. As he learns later, he died several days ago and now exists as a spirit that is bound to disappear 49 days after his death. He needs to get behind the mystery of his death and recover lost memories of four girls.

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2000-11-1218+  14 -one & four or the other meaning-Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD

Character summary

Main character Aiba Kaoru
Main character Asakura Rina
Main character Ichinose Shizuka
Main character Oozawa Haruka

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