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Rance 10


Rance 10
Alternative titles...
兰斯10 决战
Lansi 10 Juezhan
AliasesRance X, ランス10-決戦-, Rance 10 -Kessen-
Play timeVery long (168h12m from 29 votes)
DeveloperAlice Soft
PublishersAlice Soft
Alternative version
Kichikuou Rance
Shares characters
Evenicle 2 Rance
Rance IX - Helman Kakumei -
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Humans and monsters shared the Continent in a delicate balance for over a thousand years, but it all came crashing down.

The most powerful fiend, Kayblis, seized power over the Monster Realm and led a colossal army on an invasion of the Human Realm. Unable to stop quarreling amongst themselves, the human nations were trampled.

Two weeks after the war began, the death toll for humanity reached approximately 12,000,000.

Yet mankind still couldn't unite, and the turmoil between the world's leaders continued. Just as the demise of humanity, the worst case scenario, weighed heavy on everyone's minds...

"Everyone should just work for me. I'll crush that Monster Army no problem."

It was Rance, back from an adventure with his companion, Sill.

There was an uproar among the world leaders:

The Kingdom of Leazas's Queen, Lia Parapara Leazas.
The Kingdom of Zeth's Viceroy, Magic the Gandhi.
The Republic of Helman's President, Sheila Helman.
The Free City Alliance's Representative, Copandon Dot.
The eastern island of Nippon's Lord, Kou Oda.
The world's largest religion, Alicism's Pope, Crook Mofus.

...And they were also Rance's women, so they all agreed. Rance became humanity's supreme leader, and their final hope.

Over 6000 years a minuscule creature called Kayblis fought and slaughtered his way to the very top of the Monster Realm. A conceited man named Rance who declares all woman to be his lived a carefree life and found his way to the top of the Human Realm. Both men put the survival of their entire race on the line in an inescapable struggle to the death.

[From MangaGamer]

Antihero Protagonist 3.0 Bad Ending(s) 3.0 FamilyS 3.0 Genre ShiftS 3.0 Major Antagonist 3.0 More Than Seven Endings 3.0 Multiple Endings 3.0 Non-Erotic Moral Corruption 3.0 One True EndS 3.0 Proactive Protagonist 3.0 Unlockable ProtagonistS 3.0 War 3.0 Achievements 2.8 Leader Protagonist 2.8 Unlockable Routes 2.8 Bad Endings with Story 2.7 High Amount of Bad Endings 2.7 Map Movement 2.7 Character Profiles 2.6 ADV 2.5 Deity ProtagonistS 2.5 Protagonist with Children 2.5 RPG 2.5 Date Display 2.3 Strategic Card Battles 2.3 Male Protagonist 2.2 MetafictionS 2.2 Bookworm Heroine 2.0 Breaking the Fourth WallS 2.0 Classic Tsundere Heroine 2.0 Comedy 2.0 Comedy Rape 2.0 Demon Heroine 2.0 Ethnically Diverse Cast 2.0 Father Support CharacterS 2.0 FriendshipS 2.0 Genius Heroine 2.0 Gore 2.0 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 2.0 Heroine with Big Breasts 2.0 Heroine with Small Breasts (Non-Loli) 2.0 Infodumping 2.0 MadnessS 2.0 Mother Support CharacterS 2.0 Multiple ProtagonistsS 2.0 Multiple True EndingsS 2.0 Naked Sprites 2.0 Nameable ProtagonistS 2.0 OdysseyS 2.0 Philosophy 2.0 Pragmatic Heroine 2.0 Pure Love StoryS 2.0 Rape 2.0 Shimaidon 2.0 Sister Support CharacterS 2.0 Text-only Sexual Content 2.0 Tsundere Heroine 2.0 Unbeknown IncestS 2.0 Unlockable Choices 2.0 Loli Support Character 1.7 RedemptionS 1.5 Terrorized by Monsters 1.5 Protagonist Gender ChoiceS 1.4 Brother Support CharacterS 1.3 Strategy Game 1.2 Sexual Content 1.2 Enforced Playing Order 1.0 Netori 1.0 Sexual Innuendo 1.0 Goddess Heroine 0.8


Japanese (2)
2018-02-2318+Rance 10 - Package Edition
2018-02-2318+Rance 10 - Download Edition
Korean (1)
2018-07-31Rance 10 (unofficial patch)
Chinese (simplified) (1)
2020-06-2518+Lansi 10 Juezhan
English (1)
TBA18+Rance X - Showdown


Full character list

Character summary

Arlcoate MariusMain character
Biscuitta BernsMain character
Copandon DottMain character
Cream GanobladeMain character
Crook MofusMain character
KayblisMain character
Kentou KanamiMain character
Lia Parapara LeazasMain character
Magic the GandhiMain character
Reset KalarMain character
SatellaMain character
Sheila HelmanMain character
Sill PlainMain character
Urza PranaiceMain character
Aegis KalarSide character
AgiredaSide character
AlexanderSide character
Alex ValseSide character
Amitos ArmitageSide character
Anasel CasporaSide character
Anise SawatariSide character
Apostle AlcarriaSide character
Apostle AtlantaSide character
Apostle AuroraSide character
Apostle BarbaraSide character
Apostle ElsillSide character
Apostle GigaiSide character
Apostle JunoSide character
Apostle Kaen ShoshiSide character
Apostle KanayoSide character
Apostle LilimSide character
Apostle PaleloaSide character
Apostle SharonSide character
Apostle YukiSide character
Arios TheomanSide character
Asuka CadmiumSide character
Athena 2.0Side character
Barres ProvinceSide character
Bintan DestraSide character
Bird LithfieSide character
CaesarSide character
ChaosSide character
Convert TaxSide character
Cordoba BurnSide character
Ex BanquetSide character
FerrisSide character
Freya IdunSide character
GaltiaSide character
Haurein ProvinceSide character
Heidi PankrauSide character
Holy Katana NikkouSide character
HornetSide character
Hubert LiptonSide character
Hunty KalarSide character
Io IshtarSide character
Jaro JasrackSide character
Julia LindumSide character
Kaoru Quincy KaguraSide character
Kasumi K. KasumiSide character
KesselringSide character
Kinkaid BramblaSide character
Klean BewSide character
Kurusu MikiSide character
La HawzelSide character
La SaizelSide character
LeiSide character
Leila GrecniSide character
LexingtonSide character
Maria CustardSide character
Maris AmaryllisSide character
Masou ShizukaSide character
MedusaSide character
Melfeis PromenadeSide character
Menad ShiseiSide character
Merim TserSide character
Mi LordringSide character
Miracle TouSide character
Nagi Su RagarlSide character
NikkouSide character
Nimitz LeakSide character
Noah SailingSide character
Nunuhara CabbageSide character
Oda KouSide character
Ogawa KentarouSide character
Ogier Lott SteinSide character
Oruore the 3rdSide character
Pastel KalarSide character
Patton MisnargeSide character
Peruelé KaletteSide character
Pigu GeliciamSide character
Pi-RSide character
Rick AddisonSide character
Rizna LanfbittSide character
Rolex GadrasSide character
Rona KestinaSide character
Ruberan TserSide character
Samson MaximovSide character
Sanada TourinSide character
Silky LittleraisinSide character
Sioux ProvinceSide character
Tillday SharpSide character
Tokugawa SenSide character
Tolstoy BatouSide character
Uesugi KenshinSide character
VarenSide character
WargSide character
Wichita SkateSide character
Willis FujisakiSide character
Yamada ChizukoSide character
Yamamoto IsorokuSide character
YamisagiSide character
Yvette CheriaSide character

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