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Rance 10


TitleRance 10
Original titleランス10
AliasesRance X, ランス10-決戦-, Rance 10 -Kessen-
LengthVery long (> 50 hours)
DeveloperAlice Soft
PublishersAlice Soft
Shares characters
Evenicle 2 Rance
Rance IX - Helman Kakumei -
Same setting
Kichikuou Rance
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata, VNStat
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Humans and monsters shared the Continent in a delicate balance for over a thousand years, but it all came crashing down.

The most powerful fiend, Kayblis, seized power over the Monster Realm and led a colossal army on an invasion of the Human Realm. Unable to stop quarreling amongst themselves, the human nations were trampled.

Two weeks after the war began, the death toll for humanity reached approximately 12,000,000.

Yet mankind still couldn't unite, and the turmoil between the world's leaders continued. Just as the demise of humanity, the worst case scenario, weighed heavy on everyone's minds...

"Everyone should just work for me. I'll crush that Monster Army no problem."

It was Rance, back from an adventure with his companion, Sill.

There was an uproar among the world leaders:

The Kingdom of Leazas's Queen, Lia Parapara Leazas.
The Kingdom of Zeth's Viceroy, Magic the Gandhi.
The Republic of Helman's President, Sheila Helman.
The Free City Alliance's Representative, Copandon Dot.
The eastern island of Nippon's Lord, Kou Oda.
The world's largest religion, Alicism's Pope, Crook Mofus.

...And they were also Rance's women, so they all agreed. Rance became humanity's supreme leader, and their final hope.

Over 6000 years a minuscule creature called Kayblis fought and slaughtered his way to the very top of the Monster Realm. A conceited man named Rance who declares all woman to be his lived a carefree life and found his way to the top of the Human Realm. Both men put the survival of their entire race on the line in an inescapable struggle to the death.

[From MangaGamer]

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MeasurementsHeight: 173cm, Weight: 65kg
Birthday5 January
HairAhoge, Brown, Spiky, Spiky Bangs
BodyAverage Height, Left Handed, Muscular, Pale, Shark-like Teeth, Young-adult
ClothesBelt, Boots, Bracer, Cape, Gloves, Pinafore Dress, Plate Armor, Robe, Shin Guard, Tassets
ItemsNamed Weapon, Sword
PersonalityArrogant, Carefree, Hotblooded, Ignorant, Ore, Ore-sama, Pervert, Relaxed, Short-tempered
RoleAntihero, Not a Virgin, Slave Owner, Warrior
Engages inArson, Assault, Blackmail, Dimensional Travel, Domestic Violence, Drinking, Fighting, Kidnapping, Murder, Netori (steals the SO), Polyamory, Rebellion, Shopping, Swordsmanship, Teasing, Theft, Whipping
Subject ofStalking


Protagonist of the Rance series.

A warrior affiliated with the Keith Guild; when he's short on cash, he takes jobs from them. Most of the time, though, he simply travels around having adventures of his own accord, accompanied by his slave, Sill.

His goal in life is to assemble a harem consisting of all the hot women in the world and live it up.

Recently, though, he's taken it into his head to "conquer" the princesses of each of the four main kingdoms in the world - Ria from Leazas, Magic from Zeth, Kouhime from JAPAN, and Siera from Helman. At the moment, he's managed to snag Ria and Magic, with Kouhime being on hold for a few years until she grows up a little more.

Because of this recent pursuit, he's ended up heavily involved with events of historic significance in Leazas, Zeth, and JAPAN, with Helman next in line.

Main characters

Crook Mofusクルックー・モフス
MeasurementsHeight: 149cm
HairBlack, Eye Covering, Short, Spiky Bangs
BodyKid, Pale, Short
ClothesBoots, Goggles, Jacket, Miniskirt, Peaked Cap, Shirt, Thigh-high Stockings
PersonalityReligious, Reserved, Smart, Taciturn
Engages inFighting, Religion


A silent girl met at Kalar Forest. She is traveling around while killing evil spirits.

[From the AliceSoftWiki.]

Kentou Kanami見当 かなみ
MeasurementsHeight: 154cm, Weight: 41kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 80-55-81cm
Birthday3 May
HairAhoge, Sidehair, Straight, Violet, Waist Length+
BodyAverage Height, Medium Breasts, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesCollar, Gloves, Headphones, Ninja Suit, Plate Armor, Sailor School Uniform, Scarf
ItemsChain Weapon
PersonalityClumsy, Hardworker, Loyal
RoleNinja, Servant
Engages inFighting
Subject ofBullying


One of Lia's personal ninjas, she does all the dirty or secret jobs that Lia orders her to do. While seemingly apathetic from the outside, Kanami is actually very concerned with her ability as a ninja. It's implied that she is always training by herself to hone her skills. She longs to be a normal girl, but that's an impossible dream. Lia ordered her to keep tabs on Rance, a job that she hates since she also hates him.

Lia Parapara Leazasリア・パラパラ・リーザス
MeasurementsHeight: 159cm, Weight: 48kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 85-59-87cm
HairBlue, Straight, V Bangs, Waist Length+
EyesBlue, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Medium Breasts, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesDress Shoes, Fingerless Evening Gloves, Strapless Dress, Unusual Hair Ornaments
PersonalityCarefree, Charismatic, Confident, Haraguro, Immature, Manipulative, Sly, Smart, Spoiled, Yandere
RoleChildhood Friend, Pet Owner, Princess, Queen Regnant, Rival
Engages inBullying, Drinking, Planning, Sadism, Teasing, Torture


Lia Parapara Leazas is the recently crowned Queen of Leazas. Her hobby used to be torturing girls, but ever since Rance punished her for it, she has been restraining from further kidnappings. She is terribly obsessed with Rance, her love for him is so intense that she would give him the entire country if he asked for it. She refers to Rance as "Darling".

Leazas has prospered under her rule, despite the fact that she was only recently coronated. However, there are many nobles that hate her and her ways and have tried to take her down in the past or even going as far as assisting enemy countries.

[Taken from the AliceSoft Wiki]

MeasurementsHeight: 153cm, Weight: 43kg
HairParted to Side, Ponytail, Red, Spiky Bangs, Waist Length+
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesCape, Collar, Hair Tie, Knee-high Boots, Latex Gloves, Ribbon Hair Tie, Strapless Leotard, Thigh-high Boots, Torn Clothing
PersonalityArrogant, Cold-hearted, Loyal, Short-tempered, Tsundere
RoleChildhood Friend, Demon, Rival, Villain


Satella is a formerly human Dark Lord. She is a close childhood friend of Dark Lord Hornet, daughter of Demon King Gi. He brought Satella specifically to be his daughter's playmate and would later turn both into Dark Lords.

Due to this, she's loyal a member of the Hornet Faction. She met Rance during the Leazas invasion and considers him her rival since, but in reality she harbors romantic feelings for him.

She has quite the short temper and is noticeable impatient. She's said to be quite inspiring amongst the Dark Lord community. Even though she's in Hornet's Faction, she's only in it because of her personal friendship with Hornet. She doesn't like humans and thinks of them as lower creatures that should be oppressed.

She's nice and respectful to her friends, but to humans or enemies she's merciless and even brutal at times. She's completely willing to have an innocent woman brutally raped in order to get information, or burn down an entire village. She's not as kindhearted as other members of the Hornet Faction. While she doesn't mind torturing or inflicting pain if necessary, she doesn't like to be the one subjugated to pain at all. In reality, her body is extremely sensitive, especially during sex.

[From AliceSoft Wiki]

Sill Plainシィル・プライン
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm, Weight: 46kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 83-58-85cm
Birthday5 March
HairLong, Pink, Spiky Bangs, Wavy
EyesGreen, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBracelet, Cloak, Court Shoes, Crop Top, Earrings, Glasses, Gloves, Kimono, Naked Apron, Ribbon Hair Tie, School Uniform, Thigh-high Boots, Thigh-high Stockings
PersonalityAirhead, Clumsy, Energetic, Flustered, Friendly, Hardworker, Kind, Loyal, Naive, Timid, Watashi
RoleHealer, Magician, Pre-Story Virginity Loss to Protagonist
Engages inCooking, Fighting, Shopping
Subject ofCurse, Domestic Violence, Slavery, Teasing, Whipping


Sill is a slave purchased by the great adventurer Rance in the year LP0001 prior to the events of Rance 01. Rance purchased her for 15,000 GOLD and has been forced to travel alongside him wherever he goes since then. However, Sill developed strong romantic feelings for him and, even though the "Absolute Obedience Magic" once cast on her has long since worn off, she remains single-mindedly loyal to Rance regardless. She was originally from a rich family in Zeth but under "certain circumstances" ended up in the slave market sold to Rance.

She is capable of using both offensive and healing magic, in addition to the creation of magic barriers. She is also known to have a large knowledge of worldly culture and history, as well as an understanding of many creatures. This is apparently due to her studying from a wide variety of books at a young age due to her origins from a noble family.

[From the AliceSoftWiki]

Side characters

HairBlack, Waist Length+
BodyDark, Young-adult
ClothesArm Cuffs, Bandages, Earrings, Feather Accessory, No Panties
RoleCommander, Warrior


The brave princess of a certain tribe. The Shimazu brothers trick her to toy with her, but with good intentions.

Athena 2.0あてな2号
MeasurementsHeight: 151cm, Weight: 20kg
Birthday16 July
HairAntenna, Long, Orange, Twin Tails
BodyPale, Slim, Tattoo, Teen
ClothesBody Ribbon, Boots, Earrings, Fingerless Gloves, Leg Warmers, Mini-dress, Strapless Dress, Unusual Hair Ornaments


Created by Frostvine using magic and the essence of a devil and angel, Athena 2.0 is an orange-haired organic magical android that serves as a pet to Rance.

[From the AliceSoftWiki.]

Barres Provinceバレス プロヴァンス
MeasurementsHeight: 165cm, Weight: 83kg
HairGrey, Moustache, Short, Slicked Back, Widow's Peak
BodyAverage Height, Muscular, Old, Pale, Short, Wrinkles
ClothesEyepatch, Gloves, Plate Armor, Spaulders, Tassets
PersonalityEmotional, Hardworker, Loyal, Patriotic, Protective, Relaxed, Wise
RoleCommander, Father, Knight, Widower
Engages inFighting, Planning, Shogi
Subject ofBullying, Teasing


Supreme commander of Leazas' military forces and acting general of its largest unit the Black Army.

A veteran knight who has served the royal family for three generations, he is wholly devoted to serving his country and is valued greatly for his excellence as a military leader.

Despite his high rank within Leazas, Rance does not even slightly respect Barres, and generally bullies him whenever they are forced to interact with each other. Nonetheless, Barres carries a deep respect for Rance's abilities as a leader, and is largely oblivious to his hatred of him, resulting in him getting picked on even more.

MeasurementsHeight: 240cm, Weight: 2500kg


Caesar is a stone Golem Guardian made by Dark Lord Satella with her unique ability to craft golems, and he's also her favorite guardian. He's always at Satella's side and is very protective.

[From AliceSoft Wiki]

EyesRed, Unnatural Sclera
RoleSentient Object
Engages inSwordsmanship


Chaos is one of the only two swords on The Continent that can harm Dark Lords and the Demon King by going through their invincibility fields.

He is currently Rance's partner, and a counterpart to his old comrade the Holy Sword Nikkou.

[From AliceSoft Wiki]

HairCurtained, Green, Parted in Middle, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Waist Length+
EyesBlue, Slit Pupils
BodyBat Wings, Claw, Demon Tail, Horns, Pale, Pointed Ears, Slim, Tattoo, Teen
ClothesBindi (Jewelry), Knee-high Boots, Necklace, Strapless Leotard
RoleDemon, Servant
Engages inFighting


Ferris is originally a 6th Class Devil, currently binded by contract with Rance. Ever since meeting the latter, she experienced misfortunes and was demoted several times. Mainly providing service in battlefield and in bed, she also serves as Rance's personal informant and as events occur, provides important information that would otherwise be unbeknownst to him.

[From AliceSoftWiki]

MeasurementsHeight: 181cm, Weight: 92kg
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm, Weight: 45kg
Hubert Liptonヒューバート リプトン
AliasesRed Beard
MeasurementsHeight: 197cm, Weight: 92kg
Engages inSwordsmanship


Hubert Lipton is the former Lieutenant General of the Helman Second Army, the son of Thoma Lipton, one of the strongest humans to have ever lived, and the best friend and trusted right hand of Patton Misnarge.

[From AliceSoft Wiki]

Hunty Kalarハンティ カラー
MeasurementsHeight: 170cm, Weight: 45kg
HairBlack, Curtained, Shoulder-length
EyesAmber, Tsurime
BodyFour-Armed, Pale, Pointed Ears, Slim, Teen
ClothesBindi (Jewelry), Bridal Gauntlet, Detached Sleeves, Leotard, Scarf, Thigh-high Stockings
PersonalityConfident, Tomboy


Hunty Kalar is the oldest living Kalar, and the only one with black hair.

MeasurementsHeight: 172cm, Weight: 61kg
AliasesOda Kou
HairBrown, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
BodyKid, Pale, Short, Slim
ClothesRibbon Hair Tie
PersonalityHardworker, Kind
RoleFull Sister, Politician, Princess


In Sengoku Rance:

Nobunaga's younger sister. Since her brother is so carefree, she's become a reliable person, and handles the government affairs. Nobunaga claims that she is "the most beautiful girl in Japan" to raise publicity for their province, and now her name is known across the continent.

Kurusu Miki来水 美樹O
AliasesDemon King
MeasurementsHeight: 152cm, Weight: 42kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 75-56-78cm
Birthday15 December
HairPink, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Waist Length+
EyesBlue, Tareme
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesDress, Tie Pin
La Seizelラ サイゼル
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm, Weight: 32kg
Leila Grecniレイラ・グレクニー
MeasurementsHeight: 167cm, Weight: 50kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 90-60-92cm
HairOrange, Short
BodyPale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBoots, Crop Top, Leggings, Plate Armor, Scarf
PersonalityConfident, Mature
RoleCaptain, Not a Virgin, Soldier
Engages inDrinking
Subject ofBeing Drugged, Mind Control, Teasing


Leila is the leader of the Royal Guards of Leazas, entirely composed of female soldiers.
Leila is an elite fighter. She won the female division of swordsmanship championships of Leazas at the age of 14, and won 7 following consecutive years. She used to consider allowing only strong men to sleep with her, and has had sex with her sword master Jiba at age of 16 and warrior named Kobayashi at age of 20. However, ever since she realized her feelings towards Rick, she has been restraining herself. She's also encouraged others to confess before, saying that they have to take the chance now that they are young.

She's usually very depressed after losing and drowns her sorrows in alcohol. She likes drinking but only takes it too far when she's depressed. When she's drunk she tends to do things that normally would embarrass her, but luckily she forgets everything the following day.

[From AliceSoft Wiki]

MeasurementsHeight: 232cm, Weight: 152kg
Maria Custardマリア・カスタード
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm, Weight: 49kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 85-59-88cm
Birthday8 September
HairBlue, Blunt Bangs, Braid, Long, Ponytail, Straight
BodyAverage Height, Medium Breasts, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBlouse, Cuffs, Glasses, Gloves, Hair Tie, Jumpsuit, Lab Coat, Ribbon Hair Accessory, Ring, Skirt
ItemsRocket Launcher
PersonalityFriendly, Genius, Hardworker, Kind, Smart
RoleApprentice, Friend, Inventor, Witch
Engages inFighting


One of the Four Witches of Kathtom who was saved by Rance during the events of Rance II. As an apprentice of Ragishss she specialized in water magic, yet lost her ability to use magic after Rance took her virginity although makes up for it through her technical prowess.

She is the inventor of the Tulip series of weapons and has always had an interest in weapons development. Her continued efforts have caused Kathtom to become the most technological city on the Continent and the use of her weapons have previously determined the outcome of wars such as the liberation of Leazas.

She is also a close friend to her fellow witch, Masou Shizuka, as they were studying magic together and being taught by the same person, Ragishss.

Maris Amaryllisマリス・アマリリス
MeasurementsHeight: 167cm, Weight: 50kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 88-60-89cm
HairCurtained, Green, Parted in Middle, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Waist Length+
EyesGreen, Kitsuneme
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesHeadband, Scarf
PersonalityLoyal, Mature, Sly, Smart, Watashi, Wise
RoleChildhood Friend, Maid, Secretary


The maid, secretary and childhood friend of Lia. Wise and tricky, she is also very devoted to Lia.

MeasurementsHeight: 210cm, Weight: 166kg
HairBlack, Straight, Waist Length+
EyesAmber, Slit Pupils
BodyAdult, Claw, Forked Tongue, Huge Breasts, Long Tongue, Pale, Reptilian Tail, Scales, Slim, Tall, Younger Appearance
ClothesKimono, Naked in Front of an Audience
PersonalityArrogant, Atashi, Cold-hearted, Cruel, Lazy, Pervert, Selfish
RoleDemon, Homosexual, Immortal, Magician, Medusa, Villain
Engages inFighting, Mass Murder, Sadism, Torture


Medusa is a cruel and sadistic Dark Lord that's terrorized humanity for centuries. Originally born as a type of Gal Monster named Hebi-san, at some point during the Gele Era she encountered Demon King Gele and consumed her blood, resulting in her transformation into a Dark Lord.

On the year GI0815 Medusa formed a Demon Army and used it to invade the Magic Kingdom of Zeth that'd recently been formed on the southwest of the human territories, bordering with the Forest of Monsters of the Monster Realm. This year came to be known as the "Medusa Dark", and her name became immensely feared among the citizens. The year she spent savaging the land was so savagely brutal that it encouraged the mages of Zeth to build a defensive barrier named the Mazeel Line to prevent more invasions from Dark Lords. Not satisfied, 32 years later she performed a 2nd invasion but the defensive system built pushed her back, preventing a second Medusa Dark.

During the division of the Monster Realm that took place after the death of Demon King Gi, Medusa decided to join the Kayblis Faction, targeting Kurusu Miki to take her life so that Kayblis can become the new Demon King instead. The following years the Kayblis Faction and the Hornet Faction have been in a state of total war. Most of the times she doesn't join the fights and when she does she makes her goal to capture a female Dark Lord from the opposing faction to be able to toy with her, but so far she has failed in capturing any.

(From AliceSoft Wiki)

Menad Shiseiメナド・シセイ
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm, Weight: 42kg
HairBlue, Short, Sidehair
BodyAverage Height, Olive, Short
ClothesBelt, Bracer, Plate Armor
ItemsLance, Spear, Sword
PersonalityAmbitious, Boku, Hardworker, Honest, Tomboy
RoleFriend, Soldier
Engages inSwordsmanship


Menad Shisei is among the youngest of Leazas Knights, being a talented girl that worked hard to gain a respectable position. At 15 years old, she was already strong enough to be given the role of the Gatekeeper of the Leazas Castle in the Capital of Leazas and, at 17 years old, became the 2nd in command of the Leazas Red Corps, the strongest unit of the Leazas Army.

Menad is rather tomboyish and unwomanly most of the time. She's usually very serious and is a very diligent girl that takes her responsibilities very seriously, always trying her best in every situation. Her attitude has made her be treated like a boy rather than a woman for most of her life, and led her to develop a sense of insecurity with herself and complex for her lack of feminine qualities. While on duty she's extremely serious, but she is a surprisingly honest and cheerful girl in her daily life, perfectly showcased in her times with one of her best friends Kanami. Unfortunately, she's also clearly young and naive, and can sometimes be fooled or manipulated rather easily by people who want to take advantage of her position.

Menad also has a love for the sword, and admires strong and talented fighters, growing to immensely respect her General and mentor Rick Addison. She admires him greatly due to his outstanding swordsmanship, being the reason why she started wielding a sword instead of a spear when joining his army. He trained her in the art of the sword and she's even copied his special move the By-La Way, creating her own special attack called "Kua-Lu Lane", which is similar to Rick's trademark attack, albeit less powerful.

[From AliceSoft Wiki]

Nimitz Leakニミッツ リーク
MeasurementsHeight: 146cm
Rick Addisonリック・アディスン
AliasesRed Death of Leazas
MeasurementsHeight: 185cm, Weight: 80kg
Birthday3 February
HairBlond, Shoulder-length, Sidehair
BodyPale, Young-adult
ClothesBelt, Gloves, Helmet, Jacket, Mask, Pendant Necklace, Plate Armor, Tassets, Trousers
PersonalityConfident, Genius, Loyal, Serious
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, Commander, Friend, Knight
Engages inSwordsmanship


Rick Addison is the commander of the Leazas Red Corps.
He's the strongest Swordsman in Leazas, one of the strongest people on the continent and is known across the land for his fearful strength, he has been nicknamed the "Red Death of Leazas" by his enemies.
The kanji 忠 written on his helmet means "loyalty". Underneath that helmet is a surprisingly boyish and shy face.

Sanada Tourin真田 透琳
MeasurementsHeight: 181cm, Weight: 70kg
HairMoustache, Short, White
BodyAdult, Pale
ClothesEyepatch, Plate Armor
PersonalityGenius, Mature, Relaxed
RoleBased on a Real Person, Commander
Engages inArchery, Planning


One of the four leading generals of the Takeda house. He is peaceful like a forest, and always calm and collected. He excels at strategy.

Silky Littleraisinシルキィ リトルレーズン
MeasurementsHeight: 145cm, Weight: 37kg
Tokugawa Sen徳川 千
AliasesSenhime, 千姫, 戦姫
MeasurementsHeight: 170cm
HairAhoge, Intake, Violet, Waist Length+, White
BodyAdult, Big Breasts, Pale
ClothesHelmet, Kimono, Spaulders
PersonalityHonorable, Refined, Stoic, Violent, Watashi
RoleBased on a Real Person, Commander, Mercenary, Princess, Warrior, Yamato Nadeshiko
Subject ofConfinement, Hypnotism


The princess of the former ruling household of Mikawa. Most of the warriors were afraid of Ieyasu and put on tanuki suits to serve the Tokugawa house as they were told. However, Ieyasu was frightened that Senhime might resist, and locked her in the dungeon.

Since she loves war so much, people call her "戦姫" (pronounced Senhime, but means "war princess").

Uesugi Kenshin上杉 謙信
AliasesGoddess of War
HairAnkle Length, Blue, Blunt Bangs, Hime Cut, Waist Length+
EyesBlue, Tsurime
BodyMedium Breasts, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBracer, Gloves, Helmet, Plate Armor, Ribbon Hair Accessory
PersonalityAltruistic, Coodere, Food Lover, Honest, Kind, Naive, Refined, Reserved, Serious
RoleBased on a Real Person, Commander, Warrior, Yamato Nadeshiko


In Sengoku Rance:

The strongest swordsman in Japan, nicknamed the Goddess of War. She's always at the front lines of battle with the force of a strong wind, and there is almost no one that can stop her. She is admired by all of the female commanders in the Uesugi house.

Willis Fujisakiウィリス・藤崎
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 82-57-85cm
HairParted in Middle, Red, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
BodyMedium Breasts, Pale, Slim
ClothesBra, Bracelet, Dress, Headband, Naked, Naked in Front of an Audience, Necklace, Panties
Engages inCosplay, Stalking


Willis Fujisaki is the personal Level God of the great adventurer and Lord of the Rance Castle, Rance, and has been acting as his personal assistant to raise his Levels over the course of his many adventurers.

[From AliceSoft Wiki]

Yamamoto Isoroku山本 五十六
HairBlack, Ponytail, Waist Length+
BodyAdult, Pale
ClothesRibbon Hair Tie
ItemsBow, Katana
PersonalityCoodere, Loyal, Naive
RoleBased on a Real Person, Commander, Older Sister, Yamato Nadeshiko
Engages inArchery
Subject ofDiscrimination, Grief


Yamamoto Isoroku is the princess and the only survivor of the fallen Yamamoto House. She is loyal, strong-willed, and dedicated woman, very serious with her duties and with great courage. She appears to be very knowledgeable in archery and is one of the best archers throughout JAPAN. She wishes to revive her destroyed family, which is the main plot of her own Route in Sengoku Rance.

(From AliceSoft Wiki)

Make an appearance

HairBlond, Parted in Middle, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Waist Length+
EyesBlue, Tareme
BodyFlat Chest, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesApron, Dress, Lolita, Puffy Sleeves, Ribbon Headband
PersonalityFriendly, Kind, Refined
RoleMascot Character, Pet Owner


The official mascot of Alice Soft. A polite young girl who often communicates with the player as a medium in some Alice Soft games. She sometimes represent marketing upcoming Alice Soft games in trailers and advertisements.

She is accompanied by her pet black crow named Yukichi.

MeasurementsHeight: 143cm
HairAnkle Length, Kemonomimi, Ponytail, Red, Sidehair, Straight, Twin Braids
EyesAmber, Slit Pupils
BodyAverage Height, Body Painting, Dark, Slim, Tail, Teen
ClothesAnkle Bracelet, Barefoot, Bracelet, Collar, Hair Tie, Horns, Mask, Necklace, Thigh Band, Wristband
PersonalityCurious, Ignorant, Mysterious
RoleFeral Child
Engages inFighting


Sioux was a normal girl that went missing in the Forest of the Lost in the Free Cities Alliance. She was found by the Rapu, a species of friendly monsters that resembles fairies. She was raised by them and lived in the village since then. She's very protective towards the village.

Sioux is a very simple and humble girl. She's often enthusiastic and full of energy, always ready to fight or help. She's relied on her skills to survive in the Forest of the Lost. The Rapu raised her and thought her how to talk and fight, but she doesn't know much about the world or human's society. She's very curious about things she doesn't know about.

When someone shows certain proficiency in something she's quickly impressed and praises others. This was seen when Kanami could perform assassinations on various soldiers and Sioux was amazed at her skill, looking up to Kanami and praising her. She also started calling her "Kanami-onee-chan" (which made the ninja happy) and seems to refer that way to every female she looks up.

[From the AliceSoft Wiki]