Rush ~Kiken no Kaori Crisis: 2014~

RUSH ~危険な香り CRISIS:2014~

Rush ~Kiken no Kaori Crisis: 2014~
TitleRush ~Kiken no Kaori Crisis: 2014~
Original titleRUSH ~危険な香り CRISIS:2014~
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You are a scientist who is currently working on a project to develop a powerful drug that would cure men of impotency. Even though you haven't yet found the perfect formula for the drug, there has apparently been a leak in the medical institution, since different people were reported to use an early version of the drug, which ended in some very strange side effects. Your task is to find out who (or what) is behind the leak. Concentrating on the task won't be easy, since you have a beautiful girlfriend, a sexy colleague, and later you also meet a lovely journalist who wants to find out the truth...

[From Mobygames]


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