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Aliasesクラウン⇔クラウン, Crown <--> Clown
DeveloperOtusun Club
PublishersOtusun Club
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» JP¥ 539 @ DLsite (jpn)


You quit your company and have less things to do.
While watching a TV program, you found a popular actor Kyou Hiyama on the screen. But his popularity among people does not make you interested in him, because it is just on the screen, no more than an image.

That moment you receive a phone call. The one over the phone gives his name "Kyou Hiyama", the one acting on the screen right now.
This is the beginning of interaction with an actor Kyou Hiyama...
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2017-02-06All agesCrown⇔Clown - Trial
2017-02-20All agesCrown⇔Clown - Stage 1
2017-03-13All agesCrown⇔Clown - Stage 2
2017-04-01All agesCrown⇔Clown - Stage 3
2018-01-24All agesCrown⇔Clown - General Release
TBAAll agesCrown⇔Clown - Stage 4


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