Kaori Climax 2 ~Mezase Sekai no Hayase Kaori~

かおりクライマックス2 ~めざせ世界の早瀬かおり~

TitleKaori Climax 2 ~Mezase Sekai no Hayase Kaori~
Original titleかおりクライマックス2 ~めざせ世界の早瀬かおり~
Publishers h.m.p
Same series
Kaori Climax


Kaori makes her debut as an idol and marries protagonist who is always here to support her. The long struggle finally pays off... until the day she suddenly announces that she wants to conquer USA now. They have to start from scratch now in a different country!

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1997-10-1018+  Kaori Climax 2 ~Mezase Sekai no Hayase Kaori~Non-freeCommercial1 CD 1 

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