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v20845.72017-10-24 at 16:57beliarA Near DawnShortened the description to the vital bits, added a reference, corrected the staff entries, removed screens that do not correspond to our guidelines.
v20845.62017-10-24 at 03:44leondaydreamerA Near Dawnrevised a bit
v20845.52017-09-27 at 07:30leondaydreamerA Near Dawnupdated screenshot info
v20845.42017-09-27 at 07:24leondaydreamerA Near DawnThe game has been released, so I am updating info and screenshots...
v20845.32017-02-20 at 21:37lunaterraA Near Dawnd2#6 - all screenshots must (a) be in the VN's highest native resolution (1920x1080 according to the release page); (b) be SCREENSHOTS of the actual
v20845.22017-02-20 at 20:46leondaydreamerA NEAR DAWNSubmitted several screenshots showcasing character art
v20845.12017-02-20 at 20:37leondaydreamerA NEAR DAWNSubmitting VN Project - A NEAR DAWN