Peace@Pieces Fandisc One More@Pieces

Peace@Piecesファンディスク わんもあ@ぴぃしぃず

Peace@Pieces Fandisc One More@Pieces
TitlePeace@Pieces Fandisc One More@Pieces
Original titlePeace@Piecesファンディスク わんもあ@ぴぃしぃず
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperUnison Shift
Publishers Unison Shift
Original game




Main characters

MeasurementsHeight: 144cm, Weight: 37kg
Birthday25 March
Hair, Grey, Kemonomimi, Parted to Side, Short, Straight, Teal, Twin Tails
Eyes, Amber, Cyan, Tareme
Body, AA Cup, Horns, Kid, Pale, Short, Slim, Teen, Wings
Clothes, Clothing with Ribbons, Cross Design, Cross Necklace, Detached Sleeves, Fingerless Gloves, Pajamas, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings, Veil
Items, Broom, Cross
Personality, Refined, Shy, Timid
Role, Angel, High School Student, Nun
Engages in, Religion, Shapeshifting
Voiced byNatsuno Himawari


Anzu is a church sister and another shinigami candidate.
She is very timid and always speaks in a very polite way.

Hikaruヒカル O
Aliases百瀬 玉, Momose Hikaru, HIK@RU
MeasurementsHeight: 151cm, Weight: 45kg
Birthday26 September
Hair, Ahoge, Ankle Length, Pink, Ponytail, Spiky, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Twin Tails
Eyes, Red, Tareme
Body, Average Height, Fang, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Belt, Boots, Cape, Dress, Fingerless Gloves, Ribbon Hair Tie, Scarf, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Items, Shotgun
Personality, Clumsy, Emotional, Energetic, Kind, Watashi
Role, High School Student, Shinigami, Transfer Student
Engages in (Sexual), Sex in Classroom, Virgin Sex
Voiced byAgumi Oto


The main heroine of the game, a shinigami trainee that carries two shotguns around - although she is unable to aim them properly. She accidentally shoots Hisato at the beginning of the story.
She has a very bright and energetic personality.

Nagiナギ AB
Aliases秋月 凪, Akidzuki Nagi, Akizuki Nagi, N@GI
MeasurementsHeight: 149cm, Weight: 43kg
Birthday23 December
Hair, Bun, Eye Covering, Parted to Side, Pink, Shoulder-length, Straight, Violet
Eyes, Tsurime, Violet
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Apron, Clothing with Ribbons, Corset, Garter Belt Stockings, Glasses, Hairpin, Kemonomimi Hat, Maid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings
Items, Tray
Personality, Coodere, Stoic, Taciturn
Role, High School Student, Mechanic, Part-time Worker, Shinigami
Engages in (Sexual), Lesbian Sex, Sex in Public Places
Voiced byMaki Izumi


Another shinigami trainee, however her personality is the polar opposite of Hikaru's.
Nagi is a member of the Mechanical Club and she is good at robot building.
She works part-time in a bakery.

Takanashi Homare
Takanashi Homare小鳥遊 誉 O
MeasurementsHeight: 153cm, Weight: 48kg
Birthday26 September
Hair, Brown, Curly, Parted to Side, Pink, Ponytail, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Amber, Tareme
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Hakama, Knee-high Socks, Miko's Dress, Miniskirt, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Items, Katana
Personality, Deredere, Docile, Kind, Refined, Smart
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, High School Student
Voiced byFuuka


Hikaru and Nagi's classmate and Hisato's childhood friend.
Homare is a refined young lady from a rich family, the only heroine that is not a shinigami trainee.
Has a very caring personality and always calls Hisato "big brother".

Yamada Maririn
Yamada Maririn山田 まりりん B
MeasurementsHeight: 140cm, Weight: 35kg
Birthday2 November
Hair, Ankle Length, Odango, Straight, Violet
Eyes, Tareme, Violet
Body, AA Cup, Fang, Kid, Pale, Short
Clothes, Bow Tie, Cape, Dress, Eyepatch, Half-Skirt, Miniskirt, School Swimsuit, Suspenders, Thigh-high Stockings, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Personality, Energetic, Immature, Possessive
Role, Pet Owner
Engages in (Sexual), Lesbian Sex
Voiced byKaneda Mahiru


Nagi's close friend and one of the two Mechanical Club members.
Maririn is very energetic and hyperactive.