Love Songs♪ Idol ga Classmate

Love Songs アイドルがクラスメ〜ト

Love Songs♪ Idol ga Classmate
TitleLove Songs♪ Idol ga Classmate
Original titleLove Songs アイドルがクラスメ〜ト
AliasesLove Songs: An Idol is my Classmate
Publishers D3 Publisher
Alternative version
Love Songs ♪ ADV: Futaba Riho 19-sai ...
Love Songs♪ADV: Futaba Riho 14-sai ~N...
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Love Songs is a dating simulation and adventure game with a setting in high-school. You are an unnamed high-school student (you create your character profile before starting the game) and your high-school is holding a performing arts course. And it just so happens that a currently popular idol, Ayano Seto, enrolled as a student here and ends up as one of your classmates.

The game takes place over three-year high-school period until graduation day. During that time you can perform various school and extracurricular activities to upgrade your character stats. You can study, train, sleep, work a part-time job to earn money, ask girls on a date and more. You can also write and receive love e-mails on your computer. Your goal is to become popular among the girls, and that means you must study hard, earn money, keep your body in shape, be fashionable, and know what to say while on a date with the girl that peeks your interest.

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2001-04-26  Love Songs♪ Idol ga ClassmateNon-freeCommercial  
2003-08-14  Simple 2000 Series Ultimate Vol. 10: Love★Songs♪ Idol ga ClassmateNon-freeCommercial


Character summary

Main character Amagi Miyu
Voiced by Sasaki Youko
Main character Futaba Riho
Voiced by Gotou Yuuko
Main character Kagura Arisu
Voiced by Jou Masako
Main character Mizuki Yuka
Voiced by Asai Kiyomi
Main character Momozono Kana
Main character Sakurai Minako
Voiced by Yasuda Miwa
Main character Seto Ayano
Voiced by Komatsu Rika
Main character Tachibana Ryouko

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